ImKiwi10's TR 8/8: On the open road again

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Julie: That's me! I'm 19, a Disney Store Cast Member, lover of Mickey and the Seven Dwarves, an Off Kilter fanatic, and the writer of the trip report.

Mom: Also known as Debbie. She's 44, active in our church and at craft fairs, a thrill ride chicken for the most part, lover of Piglet and Mickey, and also an Off Kilter fanatic.

Dad: Also known as Ray. He's 47, a warehouse manager, the one that has to be dragged everywhere, a big car racing fan, and as of late, a bigger Off Kilter fanatic than we had realized.

When did we go?: May 8th-15th, 1999
Where did we stay?: Port Orleans, room 7130
How did we get there?: Drove from Nashville
How long is this section?: 545 words

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Saturday, May 15th, 1999

Since the trip home is never a very pleasant one, I won't linger on it too much. The phone rang at 6:00 and Mickey welcomed me to my day. Since I already had everything packed up, all I had left was to throw my remaining dirty clothes into a suitcase and gather up the rest of my souvenirs. We looked for our express checkout envelope, but it wasn't there yet, so we decided to go to breakfast. We went down to the food court, where I had a bagel with cream cheese, mom had the breakfast platter and dad had buscuits and gravy. When we got back to the room, our envelope was hanging on the door, so I signed it and hung it back on the door. All week, when we would walk around the resort, I would feel sorry for the people who had the envelopes hanging on their doors, and now, here we were coming back to the room to find an envelope hanging on our door. *sigh* It was kind of depressing.

We packed everything into the van and headed out on the open road by about 7:15. I went to sleep almost immediately since I didn't want to see myself leaving Florida. When I woke up, it was getting close to lunch time. We stopped at an Arbys for lunch at 12:30, where I had a turkey sub and cheese sticks, mom had a beef and chedder and dad had a roast beef sub and fries. We got back on the road, and made the next big stop at the Tennessee Welcome center. We finally found some Mayfield Chocolate Milk, so we all picked up a bottle and enjoyed it.

After Chattanooga, we stopped for dinner at a Taco Bell, where I got a chili cheese burrito and two soft tacos, mom got a gordita and a taco and dad got a gordita and two tacos. The rest of the trip home was uneventful and we arrived back in Nashville at about 8:00. We checked mail, notified all of our family that we were back safely, and unpacked all of our new stuff. And for the first night in a week, I got a good, long, uninterrupted night's sleep.

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