ImKiwi10's TR 3/8: The Chicken Nugget Fiasco

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Julie: That's me! I'm 19, a Disney Store Cast Member, lover of Mickey and the Seven Dwarves, an Off Kilter fanatic, and the writer of the trip report.

Mom: Also known as Debbie. She's 44, active in our church and at craft fairs, a thrill ride chicken for the most part, lover of Piglet and Mickey, and also an Off Kilter fanatic.

Dad: Also known as Ray. He's 47, a warehouse manager, the one that has to be dragged everywhere, a big car racing fan, and as of late, a bigger Off Kilter fanatic than we had realized.

When did we go?: May 8th-15th, 1999
Where did we stay?: Port Orleans, room 7130
How did we get there?: Drove from Nashville
How long is this section?: 2650 words

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Monday, May 10th, 1999

The phone rang at 8:02, and Mickey welcomed me to my day. Even at 8:02, I didn't want to get up. It had only been one day and lack of sleep was already taking a toll. I got up and dressed, and we all made our way to the food court for breakfast. We'd planned on spending the whole day at Disney MGM Studios, and that prospect was looking good. Nothing to distract us today. Not wanting to repeat the incident with the beignets the day before, I opted for a plain bagel with cream cheese for breakfast this day, which was much more my speed. Mom and dad both got the breakfast platter, and I filled my mug with fruit punch. I really wanted Hi-C Pink Lemonade. That's the biggest complaint I had about the food court aside from the scary decorations. Hi-C Pink Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks ever, and All Star Sports and Music both had it in the drink machines. Not Port Orleans :-( But the fruit punch was good, so I was a bit consoled.

After breakfast, we took the mugs back to the room and went to the bus stop. Again...a twenty minute wait. And this time, my parents felt it necessary to tell the total strangers all around us about how we'd had to wait so long the day before, and were having to wait again. And the wait for the Studios bus became the yardstick by which all other waits were measured. While we sat there waiting for a Studios bus, two busses for each other park, including one almost empty Animal Kingdom bus, and a Downtown Disney bus went by. With each bus, Dad would say " comes a bus...this has to be it...nope. Epcot. When we were waiting for an Epcot bus there weren't any, and now when we're waiting on a bus to MGM, there are *plenty* of Epcot busses!" Every bus. No joke. Finally a bus showed up and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the Studios, the Genie was greeting guests outside the gates, so I hopped in line for a picture of him with Tourist Mickey. My parents went on inside and I said I would meet them at 50's Prime Time Cafe in a few minutes. They wanted to go on over there and make a priority seating, as well as see if our favorite waiter, Brother Lerroy, was working. So I got my picture and headed inside the park. When I caught up with my parents, they said that Brother Lerroy wasn't working that day, but they had made a Priority Seating anyway. We could come back later in the week if we wanted to see Brother Lerroy.

My parents said that the first thing they wanted to do was see the Indiana Jones show. Yuck. I saw that show once and really disliked it. So I said that they could watch it and I would go do something else. That was fine with them, so they went into the theater while I walked around and found something else to do. It didn't take long for me to decide that I was going to try to find my bud Amy in the Animation Courtyard. So I went over there and looked around. I asked someone if they knew where she was, and they said that they could page her, but I didn't want to bother her at work, so I declined.

Walking back toward the Indiana Jones show, I decided to take in a Soundsations sound booth outside the new Sounds Dangerous show with Drew Carrey. I really like these booths...I just wish that they had three or four different stories. I've heard the current one a bunch of times, and eventhough I still like it, I wish they would put in some new ones. After I was done, there was still about fifteen minutes until the end of the Indiana Jones show, so I went ahead and got in line for Sounds Dangerous. I really liked this show. I've heard some bad reviews of it, but I thought it was funny and clever. Yes, I agree that it's not that high tech or even that original, but for what it is, I thought it was well done. The part with the broken jar of bees sent violent chills up and down my spine. *shudder* It was cool, but I could deal with fewer bees.

When the show was done, the Indiana Jones show was just finishing up, so I waited for them by the "picture spot" sign in front of Dinosaur Gertie's. A few minutes later, they came out and we headed over to the Hunchback of Notre Dame show. On the way, dad suggested that we ride Star Tours, but the wait was at a half hour. On our last three or four trips, we haven't had to wait more than a couple of minutes for it, much less a half hour. We decided to pass on it, pretty sure that the line would be much lower later.

We got to the Backlot theater about 15 minutes early, so that insured that we would get good seats. When we were let in, we got seats on the inside aisle at the end of the runway. Good seats once again. And as always...a wonderful show. This Quasimodo was my favorite since the guy that performed in late '97 and early '98. This show is mom's favorite thing in Disney World, and she says she could sit through every show of it. I don't know if I'd go quite *that* far, but I do think it's an extremely well done show, and one that I will be sure to watch on every trip.

On our way back towards 50's Prime Time, we passed Star Tours and saw that the wait was down to five minutes. Cool. So we got in line, and the line actually turned out to be zero minutes, since we walked straight into the lines in front of the doors. We rode, and once we were done, we started off for 50s Prime Time again.

We checked in at the desk, and were seated fairly quickly. Our cousin was Greta, and she was really nice (though I am extremely partial to my brother Lerroy). We all ordered the same thing; buffalo chicken strips and chili cheese fries. I also got pink lemonade in one of their yard tall glasses that say "50s Prime Time Cafe." Lunch was very nice, and I had to show Greta our pictures of Tourist Mickey (we've taken to carrying around a small photo album of our pictures since so many people had told us we should). They don't offer Cast discounts :-( but they do take Magic Kingdom Club, so that saved a bit of money.

Once we were done, we went across the lake and took in Sounds Dangerous. I think my parents liked it. My only complaint with the show is that during the dark parts when it gets kind of quiet, you can hear all the screaming kids in the audience. I like this show, but I don't really see it sticking around all that long, eventhough it's brand new. Afterwards, mom and I went into a sound booth again. Dad refuses to go in them, eventhough he's not claustrophobic. After the sound booth, we decided that since it was right next door, we should watch the new Doug Live! show.

None of us had ever watched Doug, and we hadn't heard much about the show, so we really had no idea what to expect. I half expected it to be like Superstar Television, where they would put audience members into a Doug cartoon, but I was totally wrong. It's actually a stage show with real people in costumes. Well, I was totally blown away by it. I thought the story and the acting were absolutely wonderful! It's the story of how Doug wins two tickets to the Beets final concert, and he tries for the whole show to ask Patti to go with him, but ends up loosing all his self esteem when she decides to go with Roger instead. Talk about one *cute* show! This is now a definite repeat for all of our trips!

When we left the Doug show, it was just about time for the Mulan parade, and we had never stopped to watch it before, so we stopped. It was a nice parade, though I thought it was a bit short. It could have used a few more big floats. But the horses pulling the final float with Mulan and Li Shang was a great touch. After the parade was over, we made our way to Muppet*Vision 4D. As always, a favorite. Star Tours came after Muppet*Vision, with just as little wait as the first time. We curved back around to the front of the park and took in the Great Movie Ride after that, and had the gangster scene.

Since it was nearing the end of the day, we decided that the last thing we should do was watch Voyage of the Little Mermaid before having dinner and waiting for Fantasmic!. So we got in line, which ended up being about a fifteen minute wait. I took trip notes, and before long we were let in. One thing I've noticed about this show is that it takes quite a while to fill the theater. I don't mind at all since it's relaxing to sit in a dark, well air conditioned theater, but it does take quite a while to seat everyone and begin the show. After the show was over, I peeked in the shops but, once again, didn't find Amy.

It was nearing dinner time, so we decided to eat in the Commissary. Thus commenced quite possibly the weirdest conversation I've ever had. We'd decided to get kids meals since none of us were that hungry because of our big lunch. So I got in line and bought a chicken nuggets kids meal (which came in a cute Studio Catering Company lunchbox which now serves as Tourist Mickey's suitcase:-) with fries and a Surge. Mom had given dad the money to get hers, and both of them wanted the chicken nugget kids meals too. So mom and I sit down, and when dad shows up with their food, it's a nugget meal and a grilled cheese meal. What he had done was say that he wanted "a chicken nugget meal with diet coke and a kids meal with sprite." We kept telling him that he should have said that he wanted two chicken nugget meals, and he said that he would have looked stupid ordering a kids meal with a diet coke. Ok, whatever.

Then he kept saying that "they should have known" what he meant when he ordered and should have given him two nugget meals. "I don't know why they cain't just put up there 'chicken nuggets only available in a kids meal'" I've only begun to scratch the surface of how utterly stupid the conversation was (This is coming from the same man that once swore that the grocery store had put a little piece of steak in the center of a large chicken breast. "You cain't tell me that they couldn't have cut out a little piece of chicken and put a piece of steak back in it's place...")

Once the dinner fiasco was over, we went back and ordered some milkshakes and enjoyed them. Another big complaint I have about my parents is that when we're on vacation, they never want to rest after a meal. With every meal we had eaten to this point, they were done, had thrown away their trash and were standing next to the table waiting on me before I was even done. Same thing at this meal. I was leisurely taking trip notes and eating my milkshake, while they had gulped theirs down and were standing there waiting on me before I was even done. I told them that I thought that was really rude and I made them sit down, but they still kept making "hurry up" motions at me. Finally, I got mad and gulped down the last few bites of my milkshake as they walked out of the restaurant without me. Sheesh. How rude.

We made our way over to Fantasmic! about an hour before showtime. The majority of the theater was already full, so we sat in the next to last section I think, between Jafar and Hades. There wasn't any preshow entertainment this time, which was a vast improvement over the lady who yelled at us for 20 minutes in February. We had a nice conversation with the family behind us, who's daughter was singing. Mom told her that she was a great singer, so we started making requests. The ones she knew the best were from Little Mermaid, so there was lots of "Under the Sea" and "Part of Your World" to be heard in our section. Someone also had a long balloon that the audience was throwing around, which seemed to do a better job at keeping everyone entertained than a preshow would have. Maybe Disney should consider just throwing a dozen balloons and a few beach balls into the crowd each night. We also did the wave for a long time, which was sorta fun. I think what was the most fun was watching the people that were obviously from other countries who didn't know what was going on during the wave.

The show went off without a hitch and was wonderful again. I noticed this time that Tigger was on the final boat...I had never seen any Pooh characters on it before. I had my theory that since the whole show was about Mickey Mouse that they didn't want to put any Pooh characters in the show, but I guess I was wrong. As we left, mom got hit really hard in the ankle by a woman in a wheelchair, and neither the woman in the chair or the woman pushing her said "I'm sorry" or "Excuse me" or anything. Totally rude. We were routed through some backstage areas on the way out, and past the place where they store the strollers and wheelchairs. It didn't take all that long to get out and we were back in the room fairly quickly.

Once back at the hotel, we were too tired to hike to the food court (we were in building seven, which eventhough it's not *that* far of a walk, it's a bit further than we would like to walk after a long, tiring day) so we got more ice from the machine and had our own drinks. I hopped in the shower and soon after, hopped into bed.

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