Now showing! ImKiwi10's Trip Report! Day Five!

Julie, a 19 year old Cast Member from Nashville, Tennessee, college sophomore, total Disney addict and writer of the trip report!
Debbie, Julie's mom, a 44 year old Disneyholic, Sunday School teacher, craft nut and lover of all things Piglet!
When?: February 3rd-February 7th, 1999!
Where?: Disney World and Magic Castle Inn and Suites!
How did they do it?: Drove their van for 12 hours!
How long is it?: 913 words!

Sunday, February 7, 1999

The last morning of a trip is never a pleasant one, and this morning proved to follow the pattern.

We got up at about 8:00.

My last bagel was moldy. Crap. I really wanted that bagel too.

Mom decided that she wanted the continental breakfast again, so she went down and got her donuts and coffee and she brought me back two glasses of fruit punch. At 9:00, I called the Lost and Found at MGM Studios and the central lost and found, but neither of them had found my camera. Oh well. Hakuna Matata.

Once we got everything thrown into the car (it's never as neatly organized on the way back home...half the clothes don't make it back into the suitcases, there's trash everywhere, souvenirs are transported in the bags they came in, etc...), we went to a nearby Texaco and filled up the tank and bought a bag of ice to keep the remaining drinks and my uneaten cream cheese cold. After we were done there, we stopped by McDonalds for breakfast, where I got a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with the bacon on the side and hash browns and mom got a biscuit. I gave her my bacon, which she put on her biscuit, and we both had a nice breakfast. Then we got back on the road towards Nashville.

On the road, I hate to be on the road again...passing things I'm pretty sure I'll see again...I just hate to be on the road again.

The stretch between Kissimmee and Adel, Georgia is pretty fuzzy. We stopped in Adel to have lunch at another IHOP. One day I shall make it to every IHOP in America. For now I'll just have to settle for one in Nashville, one in Murfreesboro, and one in Adel. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and mom got the 3 egg, 4 pieces of bacon and 3 pancake meal and we both got water. The bathroom was really grungy, and I didn't feel at all like I was a guest in this IHOP. Disney sure spoils you. The bathroom was really nasty too, which really disgusted me. I'm glad our IHOP at home is cleaner than this one.

We got back on the road after lunch and made it to Dalton, Georgia before we stopped again. All day, mom had been having a severe allergy attack, and we were having to stop just about every hour or so because she said she couldn't breathe. She had gone through our whole box of Kleenexes in the car and needed more, so we stopped at a Kroger and bought some more. She had to open them before we were even out of the store and the girls that worked there were really nice. They kept saying that they hoped she felt better.

We stopped a little before Chattanooga for dinner. We'd been looking for a Fazoli's, but I wanted Taco Bell, since it seems like we have that on the return trip of all our vacations. I got a chili cheese burrito, two soft tacos and a drink, and mom had a mexican pizza, a taco and a drink. I realized that this Taco Bell was the exact same one we had stopped in for dinner in May, because both times I noted that they have the same fruit punch in one of their drink machines as Magic Castle serves on their continental breakfast. *sigh* I wasn't even home yet, and I already wanted to be back in Disney World.

By the time we got back to Murfreesboro at 10:00, I was almost falling asleep. Mom would keep poking me and make me talk to her while she was driving, but it wasn't doing much good. We stopped for gas at the same gas station we commenced the trip with, and I fell asleep while she was pumping the gas. I guess she let me sleep all the way back home because when I woke up, we were parked right in front of my dorm. I gathered all of my stuff together and lugged it all into my room. I said goodbye to mom and she went back to Nashville.

I was so tired by this point, all I wanted to do was sleep, yet at the same time, all I wanted to do was talk about my trip. I saw my friend MaryAlice and I told her all about everything. Slowly, more of my friends started showing up, so I had to tell them about my trip, but pretty soon, I made it back to my room. I showed my roommate all my new goodies, like my new beanies, my Brave Little Tailor statue and my brand spanking new road cone. I also forced her to listen to my Off Kilter CD, which she enjoyed very much.

I think I got in bed around 1:00, but I'm not sure. I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

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