Day 6

Boohoohoo!!!! Our last full day in Disney World :*-( This has been such a great trip, I didn't want it to end. But I guess all good things have to come to an end, right?

The morning started as normal; We woke up at 7:30. I had a bagel and lots of cream cheese and a glass of fruit punch for breakfast, and Mom and Dad had sausage and buscuits. In a desperate attempt to find something on TV, Dad stopped at The Facts of Life. I didn't even know it was on in reruns anymore. Today, we were going to start the day at the Magic Kingdom and end the day at Epcot. Dad also wanted to go over to the Walt Disney World Speedway and watch some of the drivers. That was all we had planned, but the day was basically open to change.

We went to the Transportation and Ticket Center, which was where we decided to split up and do our own things. Mom and I wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom, and Dad wanted to go to the Speedway, so he caught the shuttle over there, and we rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. We asked if we could sit up front, but a woman and her son had already asked, so we were going to wait on the next one. Then the lady motioned for us to get in with them, so we did. Mom video taped the trip, but the wrong soundtrack was running. It was odd because we were going through the Contemporary while hearing about the buildings of the Polynesian.

When we got to the Magic Kingdom, our first stop, once again was under the Main Street train station to change dollars into quarters for our penny collection. We were determined to finish up getting all the pressed pennies to be had in this park, so we stopped by Town Hall and asked to see the pressed penny list. We discovered that there were only three or four machines worth that we had missed and most of those were on Main street. One was the machine in Tinkerbell's Treasures with the Bashful penny. It was out of order one of the other days we were there, but it was working this time.

Since we were already in Fantasyland, we decided to go ahead and ride Snow White's Adventures again. I really like this ride. I like it so much more now that I've seen the movie! Next stop was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride again. We rode the right side, then the left side, then the right side again, because the flash hadn't gone off on one of the pictures I really wanted to take on the first trip through. I realized by this time that I had only gotten one character signature on this trip. All the characters I'd seen, except for Brer Bear, I already had autographs of, so we decided to stop in the Fantasyland Character Festival.

This place is always pretty crowded. I guess it's because people can just walk in at will instead of waiting in line and being let in at intervals like in the County Fair. As I walked in, I saw two characters that I hadn't seen before, Robin Hood and Foulfellow. I got their autographs, and the both made a big deal about my baseball bat shaped pen. The characters really seem to love it. In December, Dopey pretended to hit a home run with it and ran all the way around the room, and numerous characters would run off with it and pretend to be clubbing another character over the head with it. As I approached Robin Hood, the Sherrif of Nottingham came up to him and began wrestling with him. It was fun to watch the faces of the people that just walked in watching the characters rolling around on top of each other. Most people laughed, but some looked horrified. Hehehe.

After leaving the Fantasyland Character Festival, we walked over to Mickey's ToonTown Fair and went in the County Fair. I asked who was in each line, and the only character available that I hadn't met was Peter Pan. I got in fairly quickly, got his autograph and headed off in the direction of Tomorrowland. Knowing that we didn't have too much time, we went to one of our favorite things, the Carousel of Progress. Afterwards, I knew that we had very little time left, but I couldn't resist trying that claw machine again. I went back over to the arcade and popped four more dollars into the machine. After the first two dollars, I realized that they must have readjusted the machine overnight because I wasn't even coming close to winning anything. How underhanded! First they make the machine cost a dollar to play, then they make it extremely hard to win. I resent that. You know that the animals they put in those machines probably don't cost a dollar a piece, yet they probably get at least five bucks for each animal someone wins.

After leaving the arcade disappointed, we rushed back out of the park and onto a monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center. We got to ride in the front again. How neat. When we got there, Dad was already waiting and we got in the car and headed out for lunch. Since we didn't get to eat at Rainforest cafe on our Animal Kingdom day, we decided to go over to Downtown Disney and eat at the one there. We were going to eat at Planet Hollywood, but we've got one of those in Nashville, and we don't have a Rainforest Cafe yet (but they're building one where Opryland used to be), so we wanted to go there. We parked at Pleasure Island and walked over to the restaurant so we could see all the sights of Downtown Disney.

When we got to Rainforest Cafe, we didn't have reservations or Priority Seating, but our wait was only about ten minutes. We were seated on the back wall of the restaurant underneath a den of leopards or something. This is one awesome restaurant! Elephants, gorillas and fish tanks everywhere. We were near a den of leopards as I said and were across from a fish tank and next to a bat cave. Occasionally the bats would begin flying around the cave and chirping. So cool.

When our waitress came around, she was obviously exasperated. She looked like she had been run ragged all day. She took our orders and Mom and I didn't even have to look at our menus. We'd eaten here last July and thought the food was wonderful. I ordered the Maya Pastalaya, a pasta dish with chicken, shrimp, sausage, onions, tomatoes and green peppers all covered in this spicy cajun seasoning. Mmmmm...So that was what I ordered, minus the sausage and onions, and Mom and Dad both got the Mojo Bones, which are pork ribs with waffle fries and french fried onions. Our waitress was very efficient and very nice.

By the end of the meal, I felt so sorry for her, because she looked like she was about to collapse. Every time our glasses were empty, a full one would be there within a minute or so. At the end of the meal, she explained why she looked so tired. She said that normally they would seat most of her tables at one time, then give her a break before they seated more people, but this day, they had seated her tables one at a time, so she had been going constantly without a break. We gave her an extra large tip because she was so nice and efficient. As we left, we went in the World of Disney and shopped for a bit.

Next on our run-around day agenda was a stop at the Studios to pick up some of the pennies we missed earlier in the week. I stopped by Guest services and asked to look at the list of pennies in the Studios, and the woman told me that she would print me one out listing all the pennies in the parks and the resorts. Cool. The only ones we had missed were in the Soundstage Restaurant. We went to get them only to find that the Hunchback of Notre Dame penny press wasn't working. Dangit! And those were the ones I wanted the most! We went over to Star Tours to ride it one last time before leaving.

Next, we ran over to Animal Kingdom because I hadn't picked up any extra maps from there. I was going to bring back a few big piles of maps from each park to give away to customers at the Disney Store and I had forgotten to pick any up from Animal Kingdom. We just stopped really quickly and I jumped out, ran in and grabbed the maps. Next, we were on our way to Epcot to end up the evening.

When we went inside, we saw that Spaceship Earth didn't have much of a line, so we went ahead and rode it. Lots of people complain about long lines for Spaceship Earth, but the longest wait we've ever had was about five minutes last May. This time, it was a walk on. Next, we went over to the Land and rested for a while. I bought another Jiminy Cricket and Mom and Dad went on Living with the Land while I drank it. As I got done, we went to see Food Rocks again.

After Food Rocks, we went to the Living Seas. I absolutely love the preshow movie to the Living Seas. It's so beautifully done. We walked around the tanks for a little while and I tried out the Jim Suit game where you have to solve all the little puzzles in under 45 seconds. Afterwards, we went over to the Imagination pavilion and rode Journey into Imagination again. As we left, Illuminations had just begun, so we stopped to watch a few minutes of the lazer/fireworks show. Then we went into the Centorium, bought a few last-minute impulse buys, including a porcelain Snow White and Bashful, and stood outside watching all the thousands of people file out of World Showcase.

We slowly began to leave Epcot, but we didn't want to. I could stay forever. We went back out to our car and paid a sad farewell to our favorite park. As we made our last trip out of Disney World, my mind shifted to our next trip. See ya in November Epcot!

At the hotel, we packed up our stuff and gathered all of our new souvenirs into piles so they would be easily packed into the van the next morning. We showered and went to bed, all a little bit wiser for the wear.

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