Day 6

Magic Kingdom day! I can't believe that it took four whole days to get back to Magic Kingdom!

For the first day of our trip, I woke up fairly easily. I'd gotten a really nice night's sleep, so I was fully refreshed and ready to make another pass at the Magic Kingdom. I got up at what had become our usual time, about 7:15, and had more hard bagels loaded with cream cheese for breakfast. Eventhough they were fairly hard, they were really good. I like Einstein Brothers Bagels! I also had a nice big glass of fruit punch from the lobby. Mom and Dad had sausage and buscuits and fruit punch as well.

We got to the Magic Kingdom a little after 9:00 and parked in Pluto 20. We decided that the line was not too big for the monorail, so we took the express monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. I love the part of the ride where you go through the Contemporary. We were going to ask to ride up front, but we were hearded in the other direction, so we figured that we would ask later. When we got to the Magic Kingdom, once again, the first stop was Space Mountain. Well, ok, the very first stop was at the change machine and quarter press under the Main Street train station so Mom and I could change some dollars so we could get more pennies.

The line for Space Mountain was fairly short again and I made two quick passes, first at the right side, then at the left (seems like everything has had short waits on this trip. The longest we've had to wait for anything was about 7 or 8 minutes for Maelstrom). I'd tried to get Dad to ride with me, but he didn't want to, so he waited in the Tommorrowland Arcade. When I came out from my second ride, I saw Dad playing an "Independance Day" pinball game, so I left him alone to play. I was looking at the alien claw machine when I noticed that my neckwas hurting. I was sort of concerned, but I just tried to stretch it out and massage it. I saw Mom come in the door (she had ridden the Tommorrowland Transit Authority while I rode Space Mountain) and she began looking at the claw machines as well.

Now...I'm fairly good at winning stuffed animals out of claw machines. I've won more than my share, and I figured that I should try out some of these machines since I never had before. As I was trying to decide which one to play, I saw a woman and a boy playing the dollar claw machines right inside the door. She played two or three dollars and won an animal on every try. This, I thought, must be a good machine. When they left, I popped a dollar worth of quarters into the machine and won a stuffed dog. Alright! I put another dollar in and won a frog. Yes! I played eight more times and ended up with a total of seven stuffed animals; two dogs, three frogs, a panda and a purple bear. This was a GOOD claw machine. Once, I even got two prizes on one try. Alright, double prizes! I sort of felt like Sid, only not quite so maniacal. I stuffed all our stuffed animals in my backpack (they filled it so full that I could barely close it, much less find anything in it), and we rode the Skyway over to Fantasyland.

As we left the skyway, we saw a beautiful butterfly and stopped for a second to look at it. Then we went to It's a Small World and rode it. No wait of course. It's a nice ride, but having ridden it so many times, I'm getting a little tired of it. Once was enough during this trip. Next we stopped to see the Legend of the Lion King show. We didn't have to stay in the waiting area very long and were admitted almost immediately to the preshow. I love this show. It's so unique. Plus, unlike the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, this show tells the entire story from beginning to end. Little Mermaid sort of skips around and leaves out the whole part where Ariel becomes one of Ursula's people. But Legend of the Lion King tells the entire story in such a way that even if you had never seen the movie, you could probably follow what was going on.

After leaving Legend of the Lion King, we rode Peter Pan's Flight. I absolutely love the music they play! This was another ride that I'd seen the movie to since my last trip. This one was much more coherent as well. It's amazing how much more I understood in this and Snow White's Adventures after seeing the movie. Speaking of Snow White, it was next on the list. These lines were tolerable, but all in all, longer that any others we'd encountered, including Space Mountain.

We were getting pretty hungry by this point, so we made our customary stop at Pinocchio's Village Haus for burgers. Mmmmm...the best burgers in the World! I think it's the buns. They're not regular hamburger buns. They're more like potato buns. Mmmmm...just thinking about them makes me want one. The fries were actually better than I had remembered them, but they still weren't phenomenal. I also like getting a cup of saurkraut from the topping bar. Mmmmm..... We always like sitting in the room that overlooks It's a Small World, although we've never sat at one of the tables at the windows. I tried to get a seat at the table with Monstro painted above it, but it was already occupied. We ended up sitting in a table right across from the windows.

After finishing lunch, we made a run for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We rode both sides and acted terrified when we got hit by the train. Hehehe. I LOVE MR. TOAD!!!!!!

After our Toad fix (gotta have the little green guy before we do too much), we went to the Haunted Masion. We stepped to the "dead center of the room" and enjoyed the ride. Afterwards, we stopped to get Mickey ice cream bars. Dad and I got the premium chocolate covered mickey bars and Mom got a strawberry bar. As we ate them, we saw that the Riverboat was loading. We got on and stood on the second deck and ate our ice cream. Mom didn't like that they now put a waxy covering on the strawberry bars, so she threw a big hunk of it into the Rivers of America. I promptly scolded her and we enjoyed the rest of the cruise.

We bypassed the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Review and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and went over the to the recently renovated Tiki Room. None of us had ever seen the original one, so we didn't know what to expect going into the new one. As the show began, I thought it was really cute. But then I heard the screech of Gilbert Gotfreid. Ugh. Other than his annoying voice, I thought the show was really cute. I loved the Tiki goddess that comes out of the flower arrangement in the center of the room. I don't know why everyone is so upset about it. I mean, I'm sure it's drastically different from the first one, but on it's own, it was cute.

Next was the Jungle Cruise. The first time I rode it last May, there was over a thirty minute wait. This time, they had all the ropes down and were barely getting enough people to fill a boat by the time it needed to leave. Our skipper was ok, but not the greatest. Like It's a Small World, I'm getting tired of the Jungle Cruise.

On to Pirates of the Caribbean. I really like Pirates of the Caribbean. The first time we rode it, my Mom didn't know that it had the tiny dip at the beginning. She hates, I mean HATES drops like that, so when I said "Oh here comes the drop" she started whimpering and said that she nearly passed out because she didn't know it was there. She's over it now, but I can tell that she doesn't like because she still holds on for dear life when she sees it coming.

When we went inside the waiting area, I noticed a CM named Joe that was dressed as a pirate was staring at me. I thought it might just be my imagination, so I tried to ignore him. As I got closer to him, it was very obvious that he WAS staring at me, so I smiled and acknowledged that I saw him. Well, he just kept on staring and staring and staring. Not smiling, just looking at me stone faced. Then I saw him start to walk closer to me, still staring. By now, I knew that he was playing some sort of game, so I started walking closer to him, staring with my most ferocious stare. After a second, I started laughing because he had such an odd expression on his face. Then I said, "I'm gonna ride now!" smiled and stomped off. Right as I went through the turnstyle, he came up next to me and stared at me again. This time, I stood there and stared at him without laughing. After what seemed like a few minutes he kicked the trash can we were standing next to and said "Arrgh matey! Ye better go and ride the Pirates of the Caribbean!" I started laughing hysterically and headed off in the direction of the ride. How odd!

Afterwards, we checked our pressed penny list and saw that there were a few pennies in the Splash Mountain courtyard that we hadn't gotten yet, so we decided to get those. I'd never been in that area before, so I had no idea where anything was. When we got back there, it was like a whole little attraction in itsself. I saw Brer Bear signing autographs, so I had to get one. I only had room for 13 more pages for signatures in my little Mickey/Minnie book, and I was hoping to fill them all on this trip. I got his autograph and seven new pennies. While we were in the area, Mom and I decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Dad held our bags while we rode.

On any of our subsequent trips, we had never made it over to Tom Sawyer Island, so that was one thing we really wanted to do on this trip. We found the dock for the raft that takes you over to the island and went across the river. We walked around the islands for a little while, didn't really find too much interesting stuff, and left. It was a really nice place, but I would think that it's mainly for kids. It would also be nice if you wanted to get away from the big crowds for a little while.

On our way out of Fronteirland, we passed a churro cart. Mmmm...churros! I LOVE churros! The churros at Cantina de San Angel are the best in the World, but these are really good as well. We each got one and Mom and I shared a tub of chocolate. As I ate, I decided to stop in Ye Olde Chirstmas Shop and get my customary chirstmas ornament. They had so many cute ones I just couldn't decided. I really loved the one of Cinderella Castle, but decided not to get it because there were so many others to choose from. I saw lots of Mickeys, Minnies, Goofys and Plutos, but none of them really struck my fancy. Then I saw the boxed sets of ornaments from the animated movies. Then I saw it...the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves boxed set. I absolutely love that movie now and thought that it would be the perfect addition to my Disney ornament collection. It had one of Snow White and one of each of the Dwarves, and was absolutely beautiful. The price was more than I had planned on spending, but not as exorbitant as it could have been, so I got it. I also, for the first time, sent it to package pickup.

We then proceeded onward to Tomorrowland via the central hub. Our next stop was going to be the Carousel of Progress, one of my personal favorites in the Magic Kingdom. We just missed one showing, so we had to wait for the building to revolve around to the next room. I love this show/ride. My grandparents loved it too when they went with us. My grandma particularly loved the scene where the daughter is using the vibrating exercise machine. After Carousel of Progress, we rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I was hoping that I would be able to catch a glimpse of the renovations of Take Flight, but they had blocked the window. So instead of seeing anything, we were just taken on a long ride through a spooky dark tunnel. Oh well, the rest of it was good. I especially like the part of seeing the inside of Space Mountain.

We were all ready for dinner by this time, so we stopped in Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. We all got the chicken breast/wing plate with mashed potatoes and a cornbread muffin. The chicken was good, but the potatoes were just like the ones at Garden Grill, and I wasn't that fond of them this time either. Also, the cornbread muffin was sweet! Bleh! Yuck! I can't stand sweet cornbread. I took one bit and without even chewing it, it spit it back out into my napkin. Absolutely disgusting! For what we paid for it, I don't think I will be returning.

I wanted to go back to the claw machine I had popped so much money into this morning and try my hand again. We went back over to the arcade and threw six more dollars into it. We won three more toys; two alligators and a pink bear. I wanted a toucan, but none of them were on the top, so I didn't even try for them. The day was ending by this time, so we decided to catch a few more things we hadn't done then leave. Mom and I went to see The Timekeeper, but Dad said he had a headache and thought that the circlevision might make him sick. So he sat outside and waited for us. Once again, we just barely missed one show so we had to wait about 15 minutes until the next show. This is a nice show, but not all that compelling. I'm sure I'll watch it again, but probably not on every trip.

That was everything we wanted to do in Tomorrowland (none of us chickens were up for Alien Encounter either), so we went back to Fantasyland for a few minutes. We rode the left side of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride again and decide to call it a night. We didn't care to see SpectroMagic since we had seen it last year, so we headed for the front of the park. I almost forgot to get my ornament set from package pickup, but I remembered just in time, right as we got to the town square. It was a very prompt service (sure beat carrying that big box around all day!) and I was done in about a minute or two. We went back out and took the momorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center and then the tram to the car.

After returning to the hotel, we all took showers, had a few snacks, fussed over my palm tree and went to bed.

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