Day 5

Uhhhh...I don't want to get out of bed. We woke up at about 9:30, and that was still too early. I swear, our trip to Animal Kingdom the day before had thoroughly pooped us out. This was supposed to be our rest day, "rest" meaning that we wouldn't go to any of the Disney parks today. I had a tomato bagel and lots of cream cheese (remember how hard they were) for breakfast and Mom and Dad went downstairs and warmed up some sausage and buscuits they had bought earlier. I also had a glass of the fruit punch from the continental breakfast.

The first thing that we had been wanting to do for the last few days that we hadn't found time to do was go to Orange World. It's a souvenir shop housed inside the world's largest orange. If you go down US 192, it's pretty hard to miss. I mean, it IS a gigantic orange. I didn't find too much that I wanted, but I did get two plastic figurines, one of Snoopy and one of Kermit dangling his feet in a pond. I also got a small palm tree. My grandpa got one in December and it was still alive, and I wanted some sort of small plant to put in my room, so I figured I would get one of these. It was only three dollars, so even if it died, I wouldn't be out that much money.

In all the brochures we'd picked up on the way to Florida, we kept seeing advertisements for something called WonderWorks. It looked like a big building that had been lifted and dropped upside down. It looked pretty cool, so we decided to make the visit there today.

We arrived at WonderWorks, after a huge turn around by the way (Kissimmee roads are marked so terribly!) only to discover that the parking was not free. So grudgingly we paid for the parking. I figured that at such a small attraction the parking would be free. Oh well. As we walked along the outside of the building, we heard it creaking. Obviously they were fake creaks, but it was cool. When we went inside, we saw that the entire room was flipped over and there were TV monitors everywhere broadcasting a news segment about how the building was picked up in the Bahamas(or Bermuda, I forget) and dropped in Orlando. Just then we saw that the admission price was $12.95. Ugh. Well, we paid it, hoping that it would be worth it. I mean, the brochures said that it had an earthquake simulator, a hurricane simulator and lots of other cool stuff.

When we went in, the first room we came to seemed like a flurry of machines sitting everywhere. No organization to it at all. The first machine we would try was the hurricane simulator. All it was was a box with a fan on the side. How lame! I experienced a really cool hurricane simulation at the Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum in San Antonio a couple of years ago. This was a far cry from it. Next we went to the earthquake simulator. Even by this time I wasn't expecting much. We sat in the little box, the floor vibrated, then it was over. Oh, that was even lamer than the hurricane simulator! They have a better earthquake simulator at out local kid's museum. Looking around and finding nothing else of interest in the room, we went upstairs.

Now this was a little more like it. This room was a little bigger, but still not what I expected. There was a bubble room in one corner, so Mom and I went over there. They had four big tubs of bubble solution and four big wands, and we amused ourselves with them for about ten minutes. We left that area and noticed what appeared to be an electric chair over to the right. A young guy was in it when we walked up, and he had a look of pain on his face. Right as I began wondering why anyone would be so stupid as to willingly electricute themselves, Dad stepped up and sat down in it. He sat it on high and began to grimmace as the current went higher and higher. I was somewhat worried, but began to think that, hopefully, you wouldn't be able to get in it if it could actually hurt you. When he was done, he came out shaking his hands out and saying that he wanted to do it again. After a few more people, he got in again, then tried to convince me to get in. So I did. Current, my behind! All it did was vibrate the handles you held on to.

I tried out some of the balance machines and the game that shows how fast you can throw a baseball, but we soon became bored and went upstairs again. The third floor was definetly the best. Take the worst parts of Innoventions and add a bit of Velveeta and you get what we had in front of us. Among the things we did, in no specific order, were some puzzles at computer stations, some trick mirrors, a virtual horserace where you sit on a plastic horse and rock it to make it run, some optical illusions, a machine that let you see what you would look like in 30, 40 or 50 years, a room with a heat sensing camera, a static tube that shocked me when I touched it, so I didn't mess with it any more, and two blue screen games. The blue screen games were the best part of the entire thing. One was an underwater game and another was outerspace game where you had to touch certain objects and they give you points. They were cool and I scored first place on both.

We looked for another floor, because we figured that what little we'd seen couldn't have been all there was, but we didn't find one. We went down another set of stairs, but the only place it led was to a restaurant and a gift shop. Oh well. I bought a magnet, a postcard and a cool keychain with lava looking stuff in it. We were hungry, so we decided to leave and go to Dynasty Super Buffet, a chinese buffet next door to our hotel. We got very lost and eventually discovered that we were about 45 minutes on the other side of our hotel. By 3:00, we were back where we should be and had a late lunch at Dynasty Super Buffet. It was very good, and a fairly good value too.

We went back to our room and rested for a little bit before we were going to go out again. After a quick rest, Dad and I decided to go Go-Cart racing. Go carting is a favorite pass-time of Dad's eventhough he doesn't get to do it much due to a surprising lack of affordable ones at home. We went to Kart World, the same track we went to last year. We found coupons that let us get one free lap, so we used them. Dad also bought seven more tickets for each of us, so we had a total of eight laps. We rode five laps in a row, then got out and went in the gameroom and popped a few dollars down the Skee-ball machines. We got enough tickets that I got a top and some vampire teeth. Ooooo. After I had claimed my booty, we went back out to the track and used our other three tickets. A few minutes after we were done, Mom showed up and we went back to the hotel.

After a short rest, we went to "the big pink building" which is actually named Shalimar, I think. It's right next door to our hotel too, and we had been in here on our first trip. It's a lot like Orange World. Just a tacky souvenir shop although this one is considerably bigger. I found a pair of black foam soled shoes for $8, so I decided to get them because I had left my sandals at home and I hate being barefoot.

We stopped for a quick dinner at Arby's, but none of us were really hungry. I got the two chicken strips kids meal and Mom and Dad both got an order of Cini-minis. The toy in my kids meal was a cute little stuffed fish that came with crayons that would let you color on it. The only downside was that the person at Arby's put my hot fries right on top of my crayons and they melted. Oh well, the fish is cute white.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, planning for our day at Magic Kingdom the next day, showering and hitting the sack early.

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