Day 3

This was the day we planned around going to Disney/MGM studios. The Studios closed at 7:00 this night, so we figured that we would go for the stuff that we knew we liked and add on just a couple of things we had missed in our previous trips, mainly Superstar Television and the preshow area of Tower of Terror (Yeah, we're all wussies. None of us wanted to actually ride it).

We got up at about 7:00 or 7:30 and tried to decided what to have for breakfast. Mom said that she wanted the continental breakfast, but Dad and I concluded that it wasn't good enough to merit eating it two days in a row. We got dressed and Dad and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. When we got there, I ordered what I normally order, an egg and cheese buscuit and hash browns. Usually it takes a couple of minutes to get my order since they have to specially make it without the bacon. Well, this time, we got our order almost immediately after we told her what we wanted. I opened mine to make sure they hadn't put bacon on it. I didn't see any, so I didn't think anything else about it. Dad ordered his two Egg McMuffins and we went back to the hotel.

When we got there, Mom had already been downstairs to the lobby and gotten her breakfast. We started to sit on a bench outside and eat, but there was bird poop on the table, so we went back up to the room. When I started to take a bite of my egg and biscuit, I noticed something dark red. Dang it! They did put bacon on it. I peeled the bacon off and took a bite. Bleh! Bacon! Yuck! I proceeded to eat the rest of it, squelching my obvious disgust over it's bacon flavor.

We left for MGM at about 9:00 and were parked in Comedy 17 of the MGM lot by 9:30. The first thing on the agenda, like yesterday, was to make our priority seating for the 50's Prime Time Cafe. When we got to the kiosk, the only time they had available was 11:45. That was cool with us, so we took it and set off for our second stop, Muppet*Vision 4D.

We got there right as one show had just started, so we had to wait through the entire preshow. That was ok with me though, because I think this preshow is one of the best in the World. I also love the preshow movie in the Living Seas. Well, it always seems like I see something new every time I see Muppet*Vision. This time I noticed that when the Chef threatens to blow up the theater, he actually sticks a big cannon out the hole in the back of the theater. That was cool.

Next we rode Star Tours. I know that Star Tours is my Dad's favorite Disney World attraction (he calls it "Star Wars"), and is also one of my Mom's favorite rides. I like it, but I would much rather ride a real rollercoaster than a fake one. But for what it is, it's fairly nice. Better than Body Wars, at least. We rode it, with no wait, and when we got off, we encountered a surprise guest. When we left there was an Ewok standing near the exit. It was standing perfectly still, so no one could tell if it was a person in a costume or a statue. Almost everyone that walked by it touched it. One woman went to touch it's hand, and right as she touched it, it reached out and grabbed her. She let out quite a yell, then we all began laughing hysterically. It was so funny! Since the line was still really short, we decided to go ahead and ride again, this time having less wait than the first.

Next we headed over to the Great Movie Ride. We had a smaller wait this time than any other time I had ridden it, including when I rode with my grandfather who is in a wheelchair. He even got to go to the front of the line and it was still a longer wait than this time. We got directly on, and we got to go through the gangster scene, which is my favorite of the two. Our gangster was really good.

Afterwards, we noticed that it was almost time for our lunch. We walked on over to the 50's Prime Time and sat down for a few minutes in the waiting room. In just a few minutes, a lady came out and said "Williams children?" We followed her and walked back to our table. This restaurant was so awesome. The waiting area was so neat. It was covered in cheesy interior designs from the 70s, old TV sets and really old looking furniture. The whole dining room was set up like a kitchen or dinning room with TVs that play clips from old TV shows on them at each table.

We were seated in a small room off the side of the main room. There were four tables in it, but only one was full of people. We sat down next to them and waited for our waiter to show up. Just a few seconds later, a guy burst through the door and introduced himself as Brother Lerroy. It was such a blast. He was so cool. He told Dad that he had to set the table since Mothers day was the day before, and he needed to do something nice for Mom.

He also went down the list of house rules: Everyone had to clean their plate, no spitting, always use good manners, and don't put your elbows on the table. Right as he said that last one, we all noticed that we had our elbows on the table. We all took them off and he looked at us with a satisfied expression. Then, I wanted to see what he would do if I put them back, so I put my elbows back on the table defiantly. He made a disgusted look and said "I told you not to do that." Then he stepped out into the main room and yelled, "Hey Ma, I told this girl in here not to put her elbows on the table, but she did it anyway, Ma!" Everyone was looking over at our table. It was kind of embarassing, but kind of funny at the same time.

When he came back to take our orders, he brought the dessert ViewMaster and told me to look at the dessert menu. It was so neat; just like a regular ViewMaster, only it had 3D pictures of the dessert menu on it. After perusing the regular menu, I decided on the Chicken Ceasar salad, and Mom and Dad got the "Leftovers", a turkey and dressing meal. I also ordered water without lemon to drink, and Brother Lerroy gave me a hard time about why I didn't want lemon. I told him that I was alergic to lemon, and that seemed to quiet him. Just then an older woman with a nametag that said "Mom" showed up at the table and asked Brother Lerroy what he was yelling about. He explained about my putting my elbows on the table, then she began to scold me. It was so funny. It was above and beyond the call of duty funny. I couldn't believe that the servers went out of their way like that!

He brought us our meal very promptly by anyones standards and was very attentive to our drink needs and even suggested bringing me more dressing and cheese for my salad when he saw that I didn't have much left. My salad was good, but a salad none the less, and it's pretty hard to mess up a salad. Mom and Dad said that their turkey was good, but wasn't anything spectacular. Once, when Brother Lerroy came to bring me a refilled glass of water, I showed him how to make a worm out of a straw wrapper. You bunch up the wrapper as you take it off the straw, then pull it off, set it on the table and put a few drops of water on it. He was amazed that the straw wrapper wriggled when I put the water on it. He then handed me another straw and made me show the little girls at the next table how I did it.

We finally decided to leave after about an hour. We asked Brother Lerroy how long he was going to be working, and he said until the end of the day. We told him that we might come back for a milkshake later, but since we would have had to get another priority seating, we decided not to come back. It would have taken way too long to get in again.

As we left, we decided to go see the preshow area of the Tower of Terror. Seeing as how we are all chickens, none of us actually wanted to ride it, but we'd heard that the preshow area was really neat. We also knew that there was a chicken exit, so we wouldn't have to ride. The interior of the waiting area looked really neat, and most of it was pretty creepy and spooky. It was cool though. I really want to ride it, but I don't want to have those big drops at the end. That's just too much.

Next we went to the Backlot Theater to see the Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show. We saw it the last time we went and thought that it was absolutely fabulous. We were definetly not going to miss it this time. Dad had never seen it nor the movie, so we wanted him to see it. We got there about 20 minutes before the show started so we would make sure to get a good seat. We sat one row back from the runway at the end of the stage so we would be able to see all the stuff on the stage and all the stuff on the runway. Mom also wanted to videotape it, so this would be a great spot.

This is, by far, the best stage show Disney does. I love the Beauty and the Beast show and Legend of the lion King, but the Hunchback show is soooo awesome! The guy that played Quazimodo was excellent, and Clopin was very good as well. In fact, I like the voice of the Quazimodo in the stage version much better than the guy's voice in the movie. I think I like Clopin better too. The whole show is absolutely excellent...I can't say enough good things about it. I love the use of puppetry in the beginning during the "Bells of Notre Dame" song. At the end of the show, Quasimodo came out into the audience and shook both mine and my Mom's hands. I also got to pet the Djali puppet.

After the Hunchback show, we went on the Backlot Tour. I had already decided that I wanted to try and get me and Dad to be in the special effects water tank show they have. I wanted to do it last time, but my Mom didn't want to do it because she wanted to tape it. So we asked a CM at the front of the line if we could do it. She said that we could, but we would have to wait until the next show. That was cool with us, so we agreed.

After a bit of confusion, Dad and I were led backstage, dressed in yellow raincoats and galloshes, and given insructions on what to do when we got on stage. Dad was going to be the Skipper and I was going to be Captain Duck. That means that I was going to be soaked in the S.S. Totally Sinkable. They told my Dad, who was going to be in the little cabin, to not lift his hands above his waist so water wouldn't go up his sleeves. I had a longer list of stuff to remember, like that I was supposed to salute when the guy called me Captain Duck, to act scared and surprised when the "bombs" started going of, and, whatever I did, NOT to look over the side of what I was standing in. They stressed that more than anything...DO NOT LOOK OVER THE EDGE!!!!

We walked out on to the stage and took our positions. Dad went and got in the little cabin, and when prompted, I got to dump hundreds of gallons of water on top of his cabin. At the time, it looked like Dad got soaked, but later he said that he didn't get a drop of water on him. Then it was my turn to get soaked. I went into the barrel looking thing and pretended to act scared as all the air cannons went off around me. Then my Dad had to fire the torpedoes that would soak me. I held onto the edge, did NOT look over, and tons of water came rushing down on top of me. Dad got a nice chuckle out of it, I do believe.

After the rest of the tour was over, we decided to see Superstar Television. We had never gotten around to seeing it on any of our other trips, so we decided that we definetly wanted to see it this time. When we got into the waiting area, a guy was there casting for the show. When it came time for him to cast the guy to star as Al Borland in Tool Time, he started looking straight at Dad. Me and Mom were really hoping that they would pick him, but right at the last second they picked someone else. Then he casted everyone else, and we went inside the theater.

We sat in the middle of a row about four or five rows from the stage. At one point, the guy asked if we knew of anyone who had not shut up for the entire trip. Dad and I jokingly started pointing at Mom. Then he asked if there was someone who would not shut up when we were in the waiting line for Tower of Terror. Dad and I really started to point at her (when we were in the Tower of Terror line, she kept saying "this isn't the elevator is it?" like every room we went in was suddenly going to drop out from under us). The guy looked straight at Mom and said, "She wouldn't shut up?" We shook our heads no, and he asked her to come up on stage. Mom flashed a really dirty look my way, but then I reminded her that I and Dad had already been in a show and she hadn't. It ended up that she did an interview with Johnny Carson. Very cool. I think she enjoyed herself, even if she didn't want to do it at first. Everyone that we've shown the video of it to swears that they can't tell that she wasn't sitting there with him.

We left, feeling like we were really cool for having all been a part of the action, and decided to stop for milkshakes at the ABC Commissary . I felt bad for not going back to 50's Prime Time, but these Milkshakes were probably just as good, and were probably cheaper too. The reastaurant was completely empty, which I found abnormally strange since there were so many people in the park, and since it was about 5:00.

Dad said that he wanted to ride Star Tours again, so we went back over there and rode with the smallest wait yet. The entire way up to the loading dock there was no one in front of or behind us. We got in line in front of the doors, and it took the entire length of the safety video to get enough people to fill up one car. This time, the Ewok was still walking around and decided that it wanted to ride with us. It was pretty neat riding Star Tours with an Ewok in the car.

We stopped and realized that the only thing left on our "don't miss" list was Voyage of the Little Mermaid. We went over to the theater and got in within ten minutes of getting in line. Another really short wait. We had to sit in the very front row on the end this time since we were some of the last people to enter the theater. I don't mind sitting up front except that you can't see all of what is going on and that you get wet from the rain falling on the stage. Voyage of the Little Mermaid is another really good stage show, right behind Hunchback, Beauty and the Beast and Legend of the Lion King.

After leaving, we wondered if there were any more performances of "One Saturday Morning..." but there weren't. We saw a small room off to the side of the theater so we went inside and investigated. We found things called Sound Booths or something that were demonstrating 3D sound technology, so I decided to see what it was all about. This turned out to be one of the coolest things of the day for me, aside from the water tank acting, of course.

You go into this little soundproof room and put on some headphones. Then the recording tells you to close your eyes and listen carefully. It then starts telling this story where you are the boss of a company and you are getting ready for a meeting with "MM" (not going to spoil it for you, but you should be able to figure out who "MM" is). The 3D sound is so realistic that it really FEELS like the stuff is happening. You get your hair cut, have someone pour you a drink, get your hair blowdried and, one of the best 3D sound effect, someone makes you a paper hat. It was so cool. I could actually feel someone lay a piece of paper on my head and almost feel the air of someone blowdrying my hair. The only downside is that all the booths have the same story.

After experiencing hauntingly realistic 3D sound, we deicded to call it a day and go back to the hotel and rest up for Animal Kingdom the next day. We stopped at the Checkers in Old Town and got a very cheap dinner (about $7 total) and headed back to the hotel for some rest.

The only other memorable event of the night was that the fire alarm went off three times. The first time, it scared everyone, so we went outside. When we didn't see any smoke, flames or firetrucks, everyone went back inside. The second time it went off, tons of people all down the hall came out of the rooms carrying suitcases and looking really scared. We started packing up a few important things just in case the hotel actually was on fire. After the third time it went off, someone came out of the office and said that some kids had pulled the fire alarm accidentally. Nerve wracking to say the least.

Finally we all got calmed down enough to sleep.

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