Tourist Mickey goes to the Magic Kingdom!

Hehehe...still with me? Well, after I had such an exciting day at Animal Kingdom, I decided that the Magic Kingdom was in order. So I woke up early, got breakfast in the food court, and hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom. Once I got there, I headed straight for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, the newest ride in the Magic Kingdom.

WOW! What a great ride! I have a feeling that this is gonna be one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World! I got a pretty good score, but I'm sure I'll do better next time..hehehe.

Well, after riding Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, I went over to Fantasyland. On my way, I ran into two more of my great friends.

That's me with Alice. She's so nice. She was on her way to Wonderland when I saw her, so I didn't want to keep her too long.

And that's me with the Mad Hatter. Boy, he's such a great guy. I wish I could find one of those hats to fit me!

After I was done visiting with the Mad Hatter, he told me that I should ride the Mad Tea Party, since it was his favorite ride. I decided that I should definetly ride it since he liked it so much. Hehe..what fun! Those tea cups spin really fast!

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