Tourist Mickey goes to Disney-MGM Studios!

My last day in Disney World was spent taking in all the sights and sounds of Disney-MGM Studios! When I arrived at the front gate, I saw two more of my old pals, Rafiki and Meeko.

Hehehe...that Rafiki is such a kidder! He was holding me up like he held Simba up in The Lion King! All the nice folks around us got a big laugh out of that!

And there's Meeko. Hehehe...I think he was a big hungry when I saw him, so he decided to make a snack out of me! But it was ok, he was only playing!

My first stop when I went guessed it! Tower of Terror!

Boy, Tower of Terror sure is fun! I like walking through the creepy boiler room, then having the elevator drop 13 floors straight down! Weeeee......

Well, after leaving Tower of Terror, I was still a bit shaken up, so I opted to head over to Star Tours and see what was going on over there., I love Star Tours! After that, I went to see my favorite show in all of Disney World, The Hunchback of Notre Dame on stage. Boy, those guys really can sing. And Esmeralda sure can dance too.

After leaving The Hunchback of Notre Dame show, I noticed this nifty unbrella, so I went to see what it was all about.

"I'm singin' in the rain! Just singin' in the rain..."

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