Tourist Mickey goes home from Disney World

Well, the time had come for me to say goodbye to Disney World. I made one last trip to the food court to grab a quick bite for breakfast, then went back to the room to get everything in order. I left my express check out envelope hanging on the door and packed all my stuff into my car.

I hopped in my car, waved goodbye to my hotel, and headed off back to Nashville. Boy, this trip was so much fun! I hope I have this much fun next time. Aw shucks, I'm sure I will! Maybe I'll even stay in the Herbie the Love Bug section of All Star Movies next time! hehehe!

Thanks for taking a look at all my pictures. I hope you've enjoyed them. Ya know, I'd love to get e-mail from anyone who enjoyed my photos, so if you want, you can e-mail me at Thanks again, and gosh, I hope you all have as great a trip to Disney World as I had. Bye!

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