Tourist Mickey goes to Epcot!

Hehehe, hi again everyone! Well, after I was done in the hotel, I hopped on a bus and made my way over to Epcot. The first stop, as always was in the Land.

I always watch Food Rocks first thing when I get to Disney World. I love this show! It's my favorite show in the whole "World."

After my stop in the Land, I noticed that Test Track was running!

There were a whole bunch of people waiting in line to get in, so I got right in line with them. I didn't wait that long before I got inside the building, and pretty soon I was on the ride. Wee! What fun!

When I left Test Track, I ran into a crash test dummy they had been using on Test Track named Fletch. He was really funny! He seemed really scared of riding it!

After I was done at Test Track, I went to World showcase to see all the nifty things going on there.

My first stop was in the Mexico pavilion, where I found this great hat. Isn't it me? hehehe! Well, after buying my new hat, I rode El Rio del Tiempo, and met lots of neat people from Mexico. Once I left Mexico, I went next door, into the Norway Pavilion.

The first thing I saw in Norway was a big ship sitting the middle of the pavilion! I went on board to explore and found out that it was a replica of a real Viking ship!

Next, I went on Maelstrom, Norway's main attraction. I had to fight off giant polar bears and three headed trolls, but I made it out. Whew! I thought I was a goner!

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