Tourist Mickey goes to Animal Kingdom

Hehehe...well, the day I after I made my terrific visit to Epcot, I decided to go to Animal Kingdom and check out the newest Disney park.

I had this picture taken right at the front entrance to Animal Kingdom. Boy, was I excited!

The next thing I saw was the beautiful Tree of Life. It was just so beautiful, I had to have this picture taken too! Hehehe

I found this sign after I took a right turn at the Tree of Life, and decided that Dinoland USA sounded like an interesting place to go.

The first thing I did when I got to Animal Kingdom was to head straight to Dinoland USA and take a ride on Countdown to Extinction. It's a great ride. I was chased by this HUGE dinosaur for most of the ride, but I finally made it out, and I brought a great big Iguanadon with me!!! It's such a great ride!!!

After Countdown to Extinction, I went back toward the tree and got in line for the 3D movie "It's Tough to be a Bug." During the wait in line, I got to see lots of great animal carvings in the Tree of Life. After the movie, I went to the Harambe Wildlife Preserve.

There's another shot of me in front of the Tree of Life. This one was taken from the Harambe Wildlife Preserve.

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