Summer 2002 Pictures

Charlie, Susanne and Teresa Dorah telling me I am clear Bill screwing with CDS Danielle in front of Energy Ivan Eric, my -special- friend

Julie and Frank Robert spraying obscenities on the Energy breakrom door Shelly and Nick Stacy and Joel Cinema Joe and Van Robert eating a turkey leg in the batthroom

Joel greeting from a ledge Shelly tearing apart the photocell Bill Dixon Millie telling me I am clear Joel and Shelly...busted! Ivan playing football

Joel playing football Bill and Joel on the roof of Energy Danielle, Bill and Ivan on the roof of Energy Stacy reconnecting the Energy lightning rod Six of us on the Energy roof Joel jumping in the interactive fountain

Eric sadly telling us Future World East is closed Our costume party Hi, Im Mike Janel in costume Richie grabbing Janels boob Stacy sitting in Richies lap

Amanda and Danielle licking Richies leg Danielle Joel looses a drinking game Danielle enjoys a beer Eric with a cone Danielle helps Eric with his cone

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