I had looked at the park's website and a few fan pages before arriving, but the park that I found was actually much nicer than I was expecting! First, it's in the middle of a busy area of the city, not on the outskirts like I was assuming. Second, it was HUGE! It was easily five times bigger than I assumed it would be!

The park was very lush, with lots of trees growing over pathways, and flowers and plants lining all the guest areas. And I found the theming to be really top notch...overall it was a great looking park! Much better than I was expecting.

Pirate theming

Pirate theming

Well themed spinning TNT barrel teacup ride

The only somewhat downside to the park is that since it is so big, it requires a lot of walking to get between the attractions. When we entered, we really only passed about three attractions before we got to Jaguar the SLC, which was pretty much at the back of the park! At least all the theming and lush landscaping made for pleasant and scenic walks.

Wouldn't you know that as soon as we entered the park, Kevin got attacked by a huge crocodile. I thought that only happened in Florida parks!

In most parks, this would be the kids play area, but at Isla Mágica, it was almost exclusively a teen play area! Not a kid in sight.

The first thing we did was head for the credits since there were only two of them, figuring that we could ride the flat rides afterwards as time permitted.

I really wasn't looking forward to riding another SLC, but I figured I'd take the beating for the sake of getting the credit. Being true masochists, we rode in the back row...but I thought the ride was great! I can't believe I'm saying that about an SLC, but this was BY FAR the smoothest, most pleasant SLC I have ever ridden. My ears only got slightly boxed one time, which left me with plenty of time to actually enjoy the ride! And when it was over, I could have very easily ridden it again! We didn't since Kevin didn't seem to enjoy it as much as I had, but still, I was thoroughly surprised at how pleasant it was.

Why can't all SLCs ride like this one???


When we left, we proceeded on and ran across what was described on the guide map as "a ride on our wonderful llamas" or something. I halfway assumed it was real llamas, but to my pleasant surprise, they were ride-on llamas like Parque de Atracciones' horses!

Kevin is caught red handed riding that llama!

Of course when we queued for it, we were the only two adults without kids in the line, but I didn't care. Still not sure why I love that kind of ride, but I do!

Next we headed for our Tren de Potosí credit, which was pretty much your standard kiddie mine train. Not a bad ride, but we weren't running back around for another ride.

Time for our Tren de Potosí credit. Here we go, up the lift with blazing speed.

We round the first turn, then plummet down the double down!

We race around the hairpin turns at break-neck speed!

Finally, at long last, we go careening into the brake run!

As we continued on, we passed this huge log flume, and decided that since it was rather warm, a ride might be nice to cool us down.

Please, no hiding things under your shirt, pouring stuff out, open heart surgery, accupuncture, pilates or walking on water like Jeebus during the log flume ride.

The ride had three drops that got increasingly bigger as the ride went on. The best part was that we got just wet enough to cool us off, but not soaked. All log flumes should be like this!

Feeling refreshed, Kevin stopped for an ice cream while I found a restroom.

Kevin purchases a slurp

"Disney themed, inadvertantly sexually named ice creams are my favorite!"

When I was done, Kevin had discovered a jelly tongue in the middle of his ice cream! It was too funny looking.

El DesafÍo, the drop tower

We also noticed that the drop tower had a program schedule...like, they would run different programs every hour, all varying in intensity. Some were "high thrill" and others seemed to be more just elevator mode where it takes you up and brings you down slowly.

The drop sequence program

I thought that was an interesting thing to do with a tower, though I doubt it would go over well in the States (imagine getting in line for a thrilling ride and ending up with the elevator program!)

The next ride we came to was Quetzal, Furia de los Dioses. This was basically the poor man's Dinosaur or Indiana Jones.

It had a Flintstones car looking vehicle on a motion base...

...and you traveled through ten "challenges" during the ride. It was pretty strange and random, but a good ride.

Afterwards, we rode Ciklón, the Disk-o. Neither of us had ridden one before, and we both really liked it! I must remember to tie my hair back before riding next time though!

Wanting to get off of our feet for a while, we rode La Travesia next, which was a boat ride that circled the park.

I show how far from home I am. Please note that Nashville is the dirty, rusty spot in the middle of the map.

The boat was full of a big group of teens, and apparently Kevin and I were the only two English speakers on the ride, so we had no clue what they were talking about! One guy started telling jokes, and then he and another girl had a conversation that was the attention of the whole boat, but we had no clue what was going on. I did catch the boat driver say that we didn't speak much Spanish, then the group of people laughed and undoubtedly made fun of us some, but we still couldn't make out anything that was being said!

Kevin says "Hey Elissa, mine's bigger!"

"...and these are my balls."

The park was just about to close at this point, so we wandered back towards Fuente de la Juventud (Fountain of Youth), stopping briefly to watch a live action show with some birds in it. The Fuente area was cute...

...except for this creepy looking thing! But pretty much everything was closed already. When we left, we tried to get into the 4D theater, but it was closed also, so we went ahead and left. On the way out, we stopped in a gift shop, where we perused the interesting merchandise...

I present Kevin with an award for being my "Superamigo"!

...and I bought a little bag that looked like I could find a good use for it. We went back to the bus stop, and had to wait at least 15 minutes for the next bus to come by, then we rode it all the way back around to the river.

Since I had an extra bag, and we'd accumulated park maps and stuff, we stopped by our hotel to drop off the extra stuff we had. I browsed in a shop across the street, and asked if the shopkeeper knew where I could get one of the Sevilla futbol scarves that every person in the city seemed to have. She said that El Corte Ingles sold them, as well as the futbol stadium.

Since we both wanted a scarf as a souvenir of the awesome time we'd had in Sevilla, we decided to walk over to El Corte Ingles. Well, we walked and walked and walked, then discovered that the store is actually in three different "pieces" in different places, which meant that we couldn't figure out which "piece" of the store had the clothing in it. Of course, when we finally found it, they said that they didn't sell the futbol scarves, so all our walking had been for nothing!

I was really hungry by then, and so was Kevin, so we stopped at an old stand-by for dinner, McDonalds. I had felt dehydrated pretty much all day, so it was nice to have a nice cold bottle of water to drink. When I ordered, in Spanish, I said that I wanted a cup completely full of ice. When I got my order, I had just an empty cup, so again in Spanish, I said "Can I please have it completely full of ice?" The girl turns around, puts maybe an inch worth of ice in the bottom and hands it back. So in a very frustrated tone, I said "No, I need a LOT more ice than this!" Reluctantly she filled the cup about halfway up...I just don't understand what the problem is with giving me a full glass of ice when I ask for it three times??? Luckily half a glass of ice was enough to keep my whole bottle icy cold.

As we wandered, we found out that ACE has it's own ice cream in Spain!

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel, tired from the day. A sign in the bathroom said that the front desk sold bottles of water, so since I was still feeling dehydrated, I bought a bottle. Turns out it was a liter and a half of the coldest water I'd had in three days! I drank about half of it, and was feeling much better by the time I went to bed.

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