When we left, my plan was to find the hotel and shower since I hadn't gotten to take a shower on the train. But knowing that I only had a few hours in Barcelona, I decided to just forgo the shower and see as much of the area as I could before I left.

We walked down the Ramblas...

...taking in some odd yet entertaining street performances!

A lion statue at the base of the Columbus monument

We stopped to ascend the Christopher Columbus monument, which was only a couple of Euros, and offered a fantastic view of the city and harbor.

Another lion at the Columbus monument

When we were done, we wandered further out into the harbor and headed into Mare Magnum, the mall that Rick Steves describes as "soulless."

Ahhh! The mall is trying to steal our souls!!!

We wandered, then stopped at Starbucks for another frappuccino de crema. We sat for quite a while just enjoying the view of the harbor, and as sun started to set, we ventured back towards the Ramblas.

This one's for the Mac lovers!

We walked all the way from the harbor to the Plaša de Catalunya, stopping here and there to check out some stores. We also made a stop in a nice arcade with a carousel, but didn't play any games.

A building with the Columbus monument in the background

Buildings on the Ramblas

A hotel on the Ramblas

Once at the Plaša, we made our third and final stop in an El Corte Ingles. It was right about that time that it started to hit me that I was gonna have to go home in a few hours, but I tried not to think about it.

A street performer in front of the Barcelona opera house

Futbol scarves

Crowds of people were huddling around TVs in restaurant windows the way that people did in the 50s so they could see the European Futbol championship game

We stopped for dinner at Genove 1911, where we both had excellent meals!

Kevin also ordered a liter of beer! We knew that the European Futbol championships were going on during dinner since we'd seen so many people watching TVs on the streets, and we could hear people cheering when they made goals. But about halfway through dinner, the streets absolutely erupted, and we knew that Barcelona had won!!!

From that point on, the city was a free-for-all...there were hundreds of thousands of people singing, chanting, playing drums, running with flares...it was the party in Sevilla times ten!!

After Kevin's beer magically refilled itself after their win, he downed as much as he could, then we let ourselves get swept into the crowd headed towards the plaza.

People running with flares

Even death came out to celebrate the victory!

There were people dancing around in their day-glo underwear...

People were suring on shopping carts...it was a madhouse!

This was as close as we got to the Plaša de Catalunya, which looked like a huge fireball!

We made it about halfway before deciding that there were just too many people to go any further! At that point, we fought our way against the stream of partiers...

...and made our way back to our hotel, the Hostal Opera. Once we got back to the hotel, Kevin checked his email...

...while I watched a little bit of the news coverage on tv. When he was done, Kevin hit the bed, while I stayed up, showered, and sadly went to bed for the last sleep of the trip.

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