Friday, September 1

I'm not sure exactly what time I got up on Friday morning, but Kevin was already up and out when I got up. I jumped in the shower, and when I got out, I noticed a note from Kevin that said he'd meet me in the breakfast room whenever I got up. So I headed off that way, and found him easily. He said he couldn't sleep, so he'd gotten up and soaked in the tub a while, then gone to get a bite. We both grabbed some breakfast, which for the next four days was gonna be the same...cinnamon rolls, cereal, yogurt, English muffins, bagels, juice and other stuff like that. It was good, and I think it's awesome that it comes included in the hotel price.

After we finished up breakfast, we went to pick up Mike at his house, made an unsuccessful attempt at buying a hair tie at a gas station, then arrived at Magic Mountain.

Mike and Kevin feel thuper thpecial as they arrive at the Mountain

Jahan, Guy and Alana were supposed to be meeting us at 9:30, but they all ended up being slightly delayed. Just as well since Kevin was having an issue with his ticket...

...seems that when Mike requested the free ticket for him, he didn't specify which park he wanted the ticket for! I guess Magic Mountain isn't the default park you get tickets to??

Mike, Kevin and I are ready to conquer the park!

Anyway, Guy and Alana arrived just before opening, and soon people were pouring into the park.

Guy and Alana

Really there weren't that many people, so there was no mad dash for any of the coasters. Kevin and I stopped in the first gift shop we saw so I could purchase a hair tie and he a hat, while everyone else went to get Flash passes. Of course there were no regular hair ties, only obnoxious Tinkerbell looking ones that cost $4! I needed it, so I forked it over, choosing the lime green one (I figured that if it already looked that obnoxious, might as well choose the most obnoxiously colored one too!)

It's Jahan!

When I met back up with everyone, Jahan was there, so again it was nice to finally meet someone I've been friends with for so long!

Our first ride of the day was Tatsu, and there was no need for the Flash passes just yet. There was a small line, but not too much, and we all got on the same train. Kevin seemed to feel the same way that I did about it...good coaster, but a little too intense in places.

Mike, pretending like he was going to puke on me. Little did he know that this was an omen of things to come!

As we all headed to the back of the park, we noticed that Deja Vu was running! Kevin, Mike and Alana chose to sit it out, but Jahan, Guy and I opted for the single rider line. No one was in front of us, and as luck would have it, we all ended up in the very first train. Some girl ended up not wanting to ride, so she and her dad left the line, which enabled Guy and Jahan to ride together, and I had an empty seat near me. Strange but awesome. When we came out so quickly, everyone was like "What? You guys already rode??"

I rocked my side pony tail through my whole Psyclone ride!

Next we all rode Psyclone, which Kevin also didn't think was that bad. The SoCal folks who think this is bad should head to Darien Lake and ride Predator, then tell me what they think! Continuing on, we all stopped for a ride on Gold Rusher. Jahan and Guy also did a "tribute to the banned kid" during the ride, which was hilarious! So glad I got it on tape!

We stopped at Jahan's former home next, Riddler's Revenge. I thought this was a really solid ride, and while probably not my favorite stand up, it was definitely the smoothest and most rerideable stand up I've ridden.

As we passed Freefall, Mike took a moment to throw at penny at it, then we all moved over to Batman. Another solid ride, and still very forceful for its age.

It's Batman...through Jahan's hair!

Kevin was needing a break from the coastering at that point, so we all decided to rest for a moment. Guy and Alana decided to go ahead and part ways with us since that day was Alana's birthday and undoubtedly Guy had something cool up his sleeve for that night. The rest of us hung out for another half hour or so, just joking and chatting. At 1:00, both Mike and Jahan went their ways for various reasons, with the promise of meeting up again later in the evening.

We were both getting a bit hungry, but we decided to go ahead and ride Colossus and Scream before having lunch so we wouldn't have to backtrack.

Colossus came first, and we both really, really enjoyed the ride! It felt like a good woodie should, and gave some decent pops of airtime.

Scream was next, and we both found it to be a good ride also, though it does suffer from quite a bit more rattling than most B&Ms do.

The fact that it is so blatantly over a parking lot did detract quit a bit from the ride, much to my surprise. I didn't figure it would matter, but I kept finding myself noticing all the white lines we were zooming past! It's a shame since I did think it was a really good ride otherwise.

Scream's vertical loop

Famished, we headed off to Mooseburger Lodge for lunch.

Lunch at Mooseburger's only means one with antler shaped crazy straws!

I didn't particularly like the looks of the mystery foods on the buffet, so I got the half pound burger while Kevin opted for the buffet. My burger was really good, though very big! I finished it all, but just barely, and I barely made a dent in the fries! Kevin seemed to enjoy the buffet well enough, routinely saying that he was eating meat that he couldn't identify!

After lunch, Kevin wanted to know what ride wouldn't shake him up too badly since he'd be riding on a full stomach, so I suggested Revolution, since I'd had a great ride on it the night before. Of course, the ride we got was terrible, and that coupled with the heat, the full stomach and Kevin's lack of sleep the night before spelled disaster! By the time we got to the landing on the exit stairs, his entire lunch was on it's way back out. After a few minutes he was ok, but I insisted that he wait in the shade while I got him some water to rehydrate himself. We chilled for a little bit, but once we started walking again, Kevin said he still didn't feel good and wanted to go back to the hotel for a rest.

We made our way out of the park and back to the hotel, where Kevin laid down for a rest, and I occupied myself with reviewing my pictures and doing a load of laundry. Three hours later, I called Mike again and he was ready to head back to the park, so we went and picked him up.

My "everyone has a picture with these bears, so I need one too!" picture.

The only credit I had left was Goliath, so that was where we went first. We still had some Flash passes from that morning, so we used those to bypass what little line there was and ended up only waiting about 15 or 20 minutes. Kevin was on the train in front of us, then Mike and I rode.

Hooray for Kevin feeling better, and hooray for Goliath being an awesome ride!

Goliath definitely ended up being my favorite coaster in the park, and Kevin's too!

Who's the coolest kid in Bugs Bunny World? You guessed it...Mike!

The only credits Kevin had left were Canyon Blaster, Ninja and Viper, so we stopped at Canyon Blaster first. We only had about an hour or less left in the park, so we pretty much just ran in, got him his credit and left.

The Bugs Bunny Burrow

We did manage to pop our heads into the Bugs Bunny Burrow, which was just one random chair inside a tree stump hahaha. I also found an abandoned leopard print pimp hat! Score!

We hiked it back over to Tatsu, passing the site of Kevin's upheaval, if you will.

"Curse you Revolution! I spent $20 on that lunch! Curse you Magic Mountain for not having a "You'll digest it or it's free" policy!"

Kevin is still cursing Revolution as we arrive at the site of the incident

We then climbed up the stairs to Ninja and Superman, neither of which had lines. We had fun playing with the pimp hat...

You can take the Mike out of Long Beach, but you can't take the Long Beach out of Mike, obviously!

...and Kevin said he enjoyed his ride on Ninja also.

So who do you think would win if we pitted Kevin against Jack Sparrow?

When we got in line for Superman, Kevin decided to pass on riding, though he did wait with us.

*singing* He's got the whole his hands...

The car before ours ended up all the way in the maintenance bay since the brakes failed somehow and it was caught by the emergency brakes, which caused a breakdown. With only 8 minutes left until park closing, we assumed that it wouldn't reopen, but we were wrong! It reopened pretty much right at 8:00, though there were only two trains full of people waiting. The second train wasn't even full, so Mike and I rode twice in a row, for the last two rides of the night. They could have easily not bothered with bringing it back up, but they did, and I thought that was pretty cool.

Kevin begins to embrace the California lifestyle as we peruse a gift shop.

With the park closed, we headed for the car so we could meet up with Jahan again at In-N-Out Burger. Of course it took longer to get there than we'd anticipated, but he was still waiting there patiently when we finally arrived.

We all had burgers and fries, which is pretty much all that was on the menu! We'd meant to eat at an In-N-Out back in 2001 but were never able to find one near us. Eventhough the burger was pretty average, I was glad to say I'd been there!

At In-N-Out, Mike shows off his horrible Six Flags ID photo!

When we got back out to the car, Kevin ended up being sick again, which now gives Mike the ability to joke that not only did Revolution make him sick, but my driving did as well!! I was gonna head off for a few more moments with Mike and Jahan, so I dropped off Kevin at the hotel and we all reconvened at a nearby Cold Stone Creamery. I had the cheesecake ice cream with a peanut butter cup mixed in...yummy!! Between the good ice cream and the good company, I had a blast.

After a while, I bid my boys farewell, with a promise that I'd get the TR online as soon as I could :-) Kevin was asleep when I got back to the soundly asleep that I had to check and make sure he was breathing! hahaha I was pretty pooped too, so I hit the bed almost as soon as I got in as well.

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