We headed straight in to Chicago once we left, and were in the city around 9:00. We'd planned on going to Navy Pier but since work had delayed me by an hour, we were stuck with only an hour left to go there. Not to mention parking and riding the tram would take a good 20 minutes at least. At this point, I was just stewing in my frustration over work, and how I've been late one time in 9 months, and how my coworkers can repeatedly stroll in an hour late on days when I need to leave on time and never have a word said to them. So I decided to just call in to work on Wednesday and go to Navy Pier that morning.

We decided to stop for dinner at our favorite place from our '96 trip...Ed Debevics!

Our last trip there had been *so* fun, so we figured that it would be a nice thing to do instead of Navy Pier. Mom was insisting that I navigate from the front seat, knowing good and well that I get very motion sick if I have to read in the car. So by the time I got to the restaurant I was woozy and my head was hurting. I still had a good time though.

Our waitress was Nacho Mama, and she was a lot of fun.

Mom, egging Nacho Mama on by putting her feet on the table

She gave us a hard time about getting water to drink since it wasn't on the menu. Mom got quesadillas, which looked great, and I got nachos. It was my own stupid fault for not reading the menu correctly because when they got to me, they were covered in an onion mixture that I hadn't seen on the menu. It was called "atomic sauce" which I assumed was like a picate sauce or salsa, not just raw tomatoes and onions. So sheepishly I asked her if I could have them remade without the oniony stuff on it, and she said ok. The next set wasn't nearly as good as the first set, but they were still ok. She brought me my Oreo milkshake before I had barely made a dent in the nachos, so I ended up eating that in the middle of my meal so it wouldn't be melted. That didn't work either as I didn't eat probably a 3rd of it because it melted too quickly.

When it was time to go, I made sure to tip Nacho Mama extra well for having a second set of nachos made eventhough it was my fault that I didn't like what I got.

We found our way back to highway 94, and were off to Waukegan. Mom made me mad on the way because the only instruction I gave her was to stay on I-94, no matter which way it went, and she couldn't follow my instructions. It goes north for a bit, then west, then back to north...so I didn't want to say "Follow it north" then have her come upon a "west" sign and not follow it. First she insisted that an even numbered highway would not run north/south, so obviously I was reading it wrong. Then there was a sign for highway 41 that said Waukegan under it, and she decided that I had no idea what I was talking about, and followed 41. Of course we got completely lost, which she then blamed on me also. Finally, seemingly just to spite me she said "FINE! I'll turn around and take 94, and you'll see that we don't end up anywhere near where we need to be!" And wouldn't you know, about half an hour later, we pulled up at our hotel, having not had another issue once she decided to follow 94. Things like this have made her increasingly more difficult to travel with recently. She tells me to navigate, then tells me everything I'm saying is wrong, eventhough she hasn't looked at the map at all.

Anyway, once we found our hotel, it was very nice! I'm going to start favoring the minisuite hotels from now on if I have the option.

Our kitchen (with free popcorn in the microwave!)

Our bathroom

The bed/recliner area

The TV/office area

We had the full kitchen with stove, dish washer, full fridge and lots of dishes and cookware. We had a recliner also, which I learned while I was staying in Cincinnati was a wonderful thing to have in a hotel! We didn't stay up very late since we wanted to get to the park kind of early the next day.

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