Monday, August 8th, 2005

It seems like all my trip reports of late have begun with "I worked overnight at my hotel" and this one is no exception. I was supposed to leave work at 7:00am, but due to some rude and selfish coworkers who decided that they didn't need to be on time for work, I ended up leaving at around 8:00, an hour late. Mom had been waiting at home for the last hour ready to go, so not only were the coworkers rude to me, they were rude to her too (this was later addressed with management since it happens nearly every day).

I grabbed an egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns from McDonalds and ate as I drove to my parents house. Once I got there, we hit the road immediately, and I started out the drive. I was able to get to Bowling Green before I was too tired to drive any more, so Mom took over while I slept. I actually got two hours of very sound sleep, which is unusual for sleeping in a car!

Once we were a good ways into Indiana, we decided to stop for lunch at a Max and Erma's, which neither of us had had before. The choices looked great, and I ended up with a burger with mozzarella, sundried tomato pesto, bazil and guacamole with seasoned fries. I think it was one of the better burgers I've ever eaten! It was so incredibly yummy! Mom got some sort of burger with bacon on it, thought I'm not sure exactly what it was.

We found Indiana Beach easily by following my Mapquest directions (what's up with Mapquest giving me the right directions recently? :-) hehe) and we parked at the South Entrance. Mom got all upset when I told her she had to walk across a suspension bridge to get to the park, but she got over it when she saw how big it was. We both paid our admission, then I stopped for my POP armband. The total was $21 for both, which I didn't think was that bad considering that the park was fairly big, had a lot of rides, and included five coasters.

My first stop was Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, and I was more than a bit worried that this ride would shake me to pieces considering all it's reviews. I waited probably 15 minutes for it since they were only running one train. I didn't think the ride was terribly rough, though it was a little...and it was definitely wierd!

It definitely feels like it used to be a dark ride, and it some places, it didn't even feel gravity powered because of the way the track bends. There were little cubby holes in the walls with stuff in them, and you almost get hit by a was just very weird (though not the wierdest I've ridden...that honor still goes to Blazing Fury!).

I walked on, and stopped at Tigg'r Coaster next. I got my own train since no one was in line, and it was a decent coaster. It gave me a couple of good slams into the right side of the train, but it wasn't too bad.

The Cornball Express entrance was right across from Tigg'r Coaster, so I did that one next. There was almost no line, so I got in the next to last seat in the train. I thought it was a great ride, but again didn't think it lived up to the hype some people have given it. It had airtime, but not nearly as much as I was thinking it would have.

Being in the same area, I rode Hoosier Hurricane next, and it was defnitely my favorite of the two big woodies. My comparison felt a lot like when I rode Raven and Legend...everyone went on about how fantastic Raven was, barely ever mentioning Legend, which I thought was a lot better.

Same with these two coasters. Cornball gets all the fame, yet Hoosier Hurricane was better in my opinion. It's longer, has a more scenic layout, has a LOT more airtime, and has better drops. I tend to like out and backs more than twisters, so that may be a lot of it.

When I finished up with that, mom and I popped our heads into a gift shop or two in that area, but didn't find anything we liked. Then we ran across the Fascination parlor and decided to try our luck.

It was only fifty cents per game, so we each plyed $3 worth. It smelled like a bowling alley since you could smoke in there, and it looked like a place right out of the early 80s. Out of six games, we each won once, which gave us two tickets each to spend on prizes. They had a lot of cool stuff for 3-5 tickets, but neither of us wanted to spend more money playing to get better prizes. So I got a sour gummy lizard and some Lemonheads, and mom got two Toosie Pops and some Lemonheads. They had a lot of old looking electronic prizes... well as a cast iron skillet for 17 points. Just what everyone win a cast iron skillet in an amusement park and have to lug it around all day.

I headed for the Galaxi next to get my last credit in the park. I wasn't expecting much from this coaster, but the first two drops really snatched me up out of me seat! No one told me it was such a powerful little coaster!

Den of Lost Thieves was right across the midway from the Galaxi, so I hopped on it after about a 10 minute wait. It was score was 360 or so...but it was nothing to write home about, and definitely not worth the $5 to ride if you don't have an armband!!!

I also grabbed a ride on their Flyers while I was in the area.

If we'd had more time I'd have liked to ride the Chaos and the Double Shot, but we still needed to get to Chicago fairly early that night, so we headed back towards the gate. On the way, we passed a tower out in the lake...

...that had a flaming man standing on it. Uh, random!

He did a little dance, then jumped into the lake to extinguish himself...and that seemed to be it! It didn't seem to be a part of a show, or even a preshow...he just jumped into the lake and that was that. Had to be one of the more random things I've seen in a park. I wanted to ride the chairswings, but again, Chicago was calling.

I did manage to ride the Ferris Wheel though, which afforded me a great view of the park. When that was done, we headed out, bidding a fond farewell to Indiana Beach. Hopefully I will get to come back another day and spend more time.

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