Finally, we decided that it was time to visit the World of Coke. They have a miniature version of the drink tasting place at Epcot called Ice Station Cool, and we were really looking forward to tasting all the different kinds of drinks. When we first went in, there was an interesting sculpture of Coke bottles getting filled, then miraculously showing up empty again. Ooooh.

They had some really interesting things inside the museum part, including some personal stories of Cokes going to war, and a real soda shop with a guy mixing his own Coke. I learned way more than I would have ever thought that I needed to know about Coke. Just about my favorite part of the museum was a tiny alcove with a projector showing old Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite commercials. By the time I was done watching the commercials, I was wanting a Coke...and bad.

Thank heavens for me, the next room was the rooms where we get to sample all the sodas. Woohoo! Free soda! (Well, not really...we paid six bucks to enter, so it was more like regular priced soda that you drink in tiny glasses). I went straight for the regular Coke. Yum. Well, between the two of us, I'd say that we drank enough soda to float the Titanic. Of the international sodas, I can't really remember any good or bad ones, except for one that was some type of fruit punch. It was purely nasty. Of course, we both had to drink the Italian Beverly.

Bloated, we decided that our time in Atlanta had to come to a close, so we headed up and moved 'em out up the highway towards Chattanooga.