Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Considering the late night I had the night before, I decided to sleep in a little and miss the 9:00am Soarin' meet at Epcot. I didn't want to miss it, but I also didn't want to try and operate on only 4 hours of sleep! So I slept in until 8:30, and found Kevin long gone by the time I woke up. I had another bagel and showered, then caught a bus to Epcot. I ended up at the turnstiles at about 10:30, so I called Kevin and asked him if everyone would wait for me before going into the show. He said that he would make sure everyone waited, so I hurried as fast as I could over to the Seas, and went in through the gift shop.

Inside, I found a big group of RADPers, but no non-RADPers since this meet was held during the Mega Mouse Meet. After a little while, we all went inside for a Turtle Talk with Crush show, which was cute as ever!

After the show, we all gathered outside for a group photo, which we recruited a passerby to take. Little did he know how many cameras he'd be handed when he volunteered to take our picture! haha

After the photo, the group started to disperse, and what was left of the group decided to go have our Epcot "photo with Mickey" taken. We called a bunch of people to see if they wanted to meet us, but the group ended up only being 12 people in the photos. We had a few other people come and go while we waited in line, but they all left once they saw how long we'd have to wait. It really wasn't that bad though, since once you got up to the front, you got your photo taken with 5 different characters.

Our Epcot Mickey picture

Our Epcot Pluto picture

Our Epcot Minnie picture

Our Epcot Donald picture

Our Epcot Goofy picture

When we were done getting our photos, a few of us decided to head over to Electric Umbrella for lunch. I've always enjoyed Electric Umbrella, and almost always go for chicken when I eat here. I ended up with the chicken nuggets and fries, which were still good but admittedly were a step down from the awesome chicken strips they used to serve. Our group for lunch was me, Kevin, Donna, Tony, Tracy and Jack, and we had a nice time leisurely eating our meals. The question of the day, of course, was how I had liked Rocky Horror the night before hahaha So I had to tell them all about it over lunch!

When lunch was over, we all went over to Mousegear to do a little shopping since a bunch of stuff was on sale. At the moment, all t-shirts, hats, Christmas ornaments and a lot of jewelry were 50% off! We hung around for a long time checking out everything, and I ultimately decided to get a little half ball Christmas ornament with Mickey and Minnie inside, and a "Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas" t-shirt (which ended up being too small...I hate this new t-shirt vendor WDW has since they cut their stuff so much smaller). While we were there, Kevin decided to get a bag of caramel popcorn, so since he was waiting in line anyway, I handed him a great big Minnie's Bake Shop cookie to get for me. I went outside and sat with Donna, and after a good 10 minutes or more, Kevin came outside without having purchased anything. He said that the person in front of him was a Cast Member who was having some issue with getting her discount right, plus she needed everything individually wrapped and boxed. So he decided that he didn't need the caramel corn that badly!

It was quickly approaching time for the RADP Big Meet and Greet, which is the main event of the year. We all walked over toward the International Gateway, and made it as far as the UK pavilion before we saw Karl, a former Adventurer's Club actor, performing in the World Showcase Players show.

Karl, explaining that Mr. Scrooge brought a copy of Wall-E to Tiny Tim!

A few of us stopped to watch, and it was really funny, like always. It's really great to see such good talent put to use somewhere else since the AC isn't open any more.

When the show was over, we all went over to the International Gateway, where we found a fairly large group of RADPers already assembled. The Big Meet generally lasts at least an hour, with people coming and going as they wish. This one was no was a lot of mingling, catching up with everyone, and having a good time.

Catherine, Bruce and Pam

Hey look! Jack has finally mastered the "look and smile" technique!

Wow Brian, that's a LOT of Mousefest pins!

Laura and Charlotte

Bob, Rob, Kim and Polly

For the first time in quite a number of years, we were able to fit everyone at the Big Meet fairly comfortably into a single group photo (thus eliminating the need for me to stitch all the individual photos together again, like I did last year).

Soon the crowd was thinning out, so Kim, Rob and I went back into Epcot so they could look through Mousegear and see what was on sale. They spent quite a while perusing the Christmas ornaments, while I decided to go ahead and get that cookie that I had wanted earlier. I got in line at the register Kevin had been waiting at, and when I got to the front, I found the bag of popcorn and the cookie from earlier, still sitting exactly where he put them down in disgust! haha So I grabbed both of those and checked out, then called Rob to see if he and Kim wanted me to pay for their stuff so they wouldn't have to wait in line as well. They quickly came over with their purchases, and I ended up giving them the money to pay for my stuff so it would all be one transaction. As we headed out of the store, I couldn't resist digging into my cookie.

We arrived at Innoventions just in time for the "what's Your Problem?" meet, which was new since last year. When I arrived, Kevin ribbed me for being the meet host and being late to my own meet, but earlier in the week he had been insistant that he was the host of the "What's Your Problem?" meet! As far as I was concerned, it was his meet! But whatever, everyone was there and having fun, and that's all that mattered. The show loaded just a few minutes after we arrived, so thank heavens that the check out line at Mousegear wasn't longer!

For the first part of the "What's Your Problem?" show, they pick two kids out of the audience, and they have to stack up different shaped boxes that are all covered in Velcro. Of course they always fail, which leads to more comedy by the hosts. For the next segment, they pull two couples out of the audience and play a shopping game, where one person has to put an object into a bag, then Velcro the bag onto the other person's apron.

Chad and Kerry got chosen for this one, so we all cheered them on the whole time. They did fairly well, but that round ended up being a tie with the other team.

For the last segment, the hosts picked two men out of the audience to diaper some little Cabbage Patch Kids dolls then stick them to themselves. The host (who was a former AC actor) originally wanted Jack M. to come up and do that part since supposedly he had some Colonel Sanders jokes all set to use! haha But Jack didn't want to do it, despite having all of RADP chanting his name. So the guy picked another older guy out of the audience. I'm not sure what the issue was, but both of them had trouble getting the little clothes on the babies, though the older guy did way better than the younger one did. While they were doing this, all these little babies were stuck to a conveyor belt with the Velcro, and one of the hosts was slamming more and more of them onto the belt. It was so funny...he was winding up, then slamming them down full force haha The older guy surprise considering the poor performance put forth by the younger of the two!

When the meet was over, everyone scattered in their different directions for dinner. I ended up hanging around with Kim and Rob again, so we just took a seat on a planter outside of Innoventions and chatted for a while. They told me about a recent cruise they had been on and I got to tell them all about Japan. Soon, it was time for my dinner at Cape May Cafe, so I bid them both farewell, and walked over toward the International Gateway.

On the way out, I grabbed a lovely photo of the Imagination pavilion

Once I left the park, I wasn't exactly sure how to get to Cape May, but luckily Laura came up behind me, so we found our way together. When we arrived, Charlotte and John, Tracy and Jack and Jack M. were already there, but we were still waiting on a few more stragglers.

I needed to go to the bathroom before dinner, so I quickly went to the bathroom, and don't you know that as soon as I left, everyone else arrived and it was time to be seated! It always works that way! But they waited for me while I rushed back to the podium so we could all be seated together. I ended up sitting on the end of the table with Bob, Polly, Laurie, Don and Laura. The food was really great, which included clam chowder, salad, salmon, pasta salad, potatoes, shrimp and more desserts than anyone needs (so of course, I had one of almost every one of them!). During dinner, we talked abot all kinds of stuff, especially Japan since Don and Bob were asking questions about it. I had a great time...the food was great and the company was great as well. I ate until I was stuffed, which was the first and only time of the trip that I ate until I was uncomfortable! But hey, everything in moderation, including moderation, right? haha

When we were done with dinner, we all waddled our way over to the Norway pavilion, and arrived just in time for Kevin's Movies and Munchies II meet. The group had assembled outside of the stave church, and as soon as Kevin was satisfied that everyone had showed up, we moved inside to the gift shop. While we were there, Tracy and Jack decided to wait in the line to meet Sig Hansen, so we all lingered in that general area until they were done.

Jack and Tracy with Sig Hansen and another guy that I don't know

When they were done, we all went up to the CM at the movie exit and declared that we just wanted to see the movie, and not ride the ride. I was hoping for some type of "Really? Just the movie?" kind of reaction, but the guy was just like "Right up this way" and showed us to the theater. Too bad we didn't get to use our "We know it's weird, but that's what we do" line!

Inside, we watched the movie, then all went over to the China pavilion to watch Reflections of China.

Sam and Mariah in the China pavilion

We only had a few minutes to wait before the show started, which was nice since we didn't have to wait around and kill time. I really love this movie, and every time I see it, it always inspires me to want to go to China! After the meet, everyone seemed to go their own ways, so I followed Kevin over to the Magic Kingdom. After we said goodbye to everyone, we went out to the monorail platform and grabbed the next monorail to the TTC.

Kevin, pontificating from the Epcot monorail platform

Once we made it to the Magic Kingdom, we found Donna, Andrea, Chad and Kerry already there. The first place we went was for a ride on the TTA. During the ride, we got the added treat of being able to see inside Space Mountain with the lights on!

The coaster really isn't much to look at with the lights on, really, but who cares when it rides well?

After the TTA, the rest of the group decided to get a spot in Frontierland to watch Spectromagic. It was still well before the parade was supposed to start, so I said that I would go ride something else while they watched the parade. Once they found their parade viewing spot, we pinpointed where they wanted me to meet up with them after the parade, right down to the exact little crack in the pavement! hehe Just like last year, I decided to go ride It's a Small World since I hadn't gotten to ride it at any other point during the trip. When I arrived, there was a line backed all the way up to the entrance, but the line only took about 10 minutes or less. The ride went along smoothly until we reached the Polynesian looking room, and I saw that the boats were backed all the way up into that room. Generally the boats only back up in the white room at the end, but they were backed up all the way through the room before it as well.

It ended up taking about 15 extra minutes to get out of It's a Small World, and I really thought we were going to have to be evacuated. For probably 3 or 4 minutes, it was completely stopped, and when it did move, it was only moving one boat at a time, and very slowly. I think the combo of being tired and being in there so long made me really start to want off that ride! A normal 10 minute ride is nothing, but almost a half hour of the same song over and over in the same two rooms kinda drives a person batty. Eventually I got out though, but I was afraid that I was going to be late for meeting up with everyone else! When I made my way back to Liberty Square, the parade was only about halfway over, so I sat down in the little seating area near Hall of Presidents to wait it out.

Once the parade was over, I went back over to our meeting place, where they promptly ragged me about being a couple of minutes late since I had to wait for the last float of the parade to make it's way past them! At that point, everyone decided to head over to Pirates of the Caribbean for a ride. I was starting to fade really badly by the time I got there, and the dark, gentle bobbing of the boat through the ride almost did me in! By the time we were done, I was just about falling asleep, so I said goodbye and headed out, leaving everyone else to play around in the gift shop.

Kevin, dressing up Leonard as a pirate

I made my way out, then took the bus back to the hotel. I was really tired, so I didn't take long in getting back to my room and soundly into bed.

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