Day 7 - Whispering Canyon Cafe and going home

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Well, this was the last day of my trip :-( Kevin and I had planned a nice farewell breakfast at Whispering Canyon with Susan and Tony, then I was gonna take Kevin to the airport and head home from there.

We met up with Susan and Tony near the Mickey phone since we were all staying in the same 70s building at Pop Century. Kevin had already checked in his luggage with Magical Express, so I went ahead and loaded up my car. I went to the front desk to check out as the others waited in the parking lot. The lady at the desk first told me that I had no charges on my room, but I knew that I had been charging stuff all week. So I told her that, and she said that obviously it had been charged to the wrong room, as I had no charges on mine. I was just about to walk away when I asked her to check one more time, since I didn't want to seem like I was getting away with something for free. Then suddenly, oh, there are your charges. What the heck? The total ended up being a LOT less than I thought it would be considering that I didn't go out of my way to be thrifty through the week (but I also spent next to nothing on souvenirs...I think the only ones I'd gotten to that point were the glass from Margaritaville, two necklaces from BGT and the sketch of me and Peter from Beach Club).

Once that was done, I headed back out to the car and met up with the others. We drove to Wilderness Lodge, where Tony and I dropped off Susan and Kevin while we parked our cars since it was still raining lightly, and was pretty cold.

We didn't have to wait very long at all to be seated at Whispering Canyon Cafe...

...but we did manage to get in a little play time with the Lincoln Logs in the lobby.

Breakfast was great...the skillet came with eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy and waffles. Figuring that since I have a clear preference against pork, and that the restaurant would work with that, I asked if I could get a dish of eggs that weren't served with the bacon and sausage. The server said that wasn't a problem and soon appeared with a dish of eggs for me. Yay! Everything else was fantastic...and I really enjoyed having the waffles with it also. Well, we thoroughly ravaged our Canyon Skillet in no time flat, and were out the door in less than an hour of when we sat down.

Mmm...who wouldn't want to find this under their tree on Christmas morning?

Susan, Tony and I soak up our last few minutes at Wilderness Lodge

We took our time wandering around the Wilderness Lodge, and enjoying the view from outside. Since we had a little extra time, we all decided to go to World of Disney for some last minute shopping before we had to leave. No one bought too much, but I did end up with a Disney cats placemat for my cat's food and water dishes and a tree shaped rice krispie treat covered in chocolate. Soon it was time to say goodbye, so we hugged Tony and Susan goodbye and headed off to the airport.

We made a stop at the gas station across from Downtown Disney one last time to fill up the tank, and Kevin got me a Coke and a bottle of water for the road. I made it to the airport easily, with minimal traffic and bid him farewell and a safe trip home. The rest of my drive out of Florida was uneventful.

Somewhere in south Georgia, I figured that I should get a little something to eat since I would want to eat dinner at CiCis near Macon, and I probably couldn't make it that long without something else to eat.

I stopped at a Taco Bell and got a grilled stuft burrito, and it was all I could do to finish it!

Pretty soon, I was near Macon, so I stopped at the CiCis where I always stop. I got a frequent diner club card from them probably 2 years ago or more, and it was finally time for me to fill up the last spot on it!

I only made one trip to the buffet since that was all my stomach could hold! There was a scrapbooking supply store right next door, so I stopped in there to browse for a few minutes. I talked to mom while I was in there, and all I ended up getting was a sheet of Canadian flag stickers...which are easy filler around pictures of Kevin! hehe

It was dark when I left Macon, which really sucked since I hate driving at night. By the time I got back into Tennessee, I had to have my mom stay on the phone with me almost the whole time just so I could stay awake and not veer off the road. I made it home just fine, but it was one of the longest drives back from Florida I think I've had. I got too late a start for my taste since I didn't leave Orlando until around 11:00am or so...about 3 hours after I would normally leave! While it was light, the drive was fine, but once it got dark, it was hellish, especially having to drive on the two lane, twisting highways through the mountains in southeastern Tennessee.

When I got home, my cats had thoroughly trashed my apartment. Anything that was on any surface of my apartment was now on the floor, there was hair completely covering all the appliances and counters in my kitchen (where they are normally not allowed) and my bathroom looked disgusting. How two cats can make such a mess in a week, I'll never know! It took me days to clean up!

Overall, this was one of my favorite trips to Disney World ever, and I have been dozens of times. The company made all the difference between this being an average trip, and a spectacular trip. I had so much fun hanging out with the people that I don't get to see very often, and can't wait until next year's meet so we can do it all again!

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