Day 6 - Universal Orlando and Margaritaville

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

This was the day that I was truly getting to sleep late! I was planning on going to Universal for the day, meeting Kim shortly after lunch time. Then at the end of the day, I was headed to Old Key West for a party that Jan and Charlotte were throwing.

I'm not sure what time Kevin was up and out, but I ended up waking up at 11:00! Heavenly! Kim called just after I got up, and we planned on meeting around 1:30. I told her that I was having lunch at Margaritaville, and that whenever she got there, she could just come in and find me at the bar. It was also a bit of an inconvenience that Pop Century had such crappy cell service. I was in my jammies when Kim called, so I had to go out into the courtyard just so I could have enough bars of service to talk to her. Same thing happened with Kevin earlier in the week, though I was fully clothed then! haha

I showered then tested out my new straightening iron. It worked like a charm! My hair felt better than it had felt for the entire trip. So this little guy is definitely coming on future trips with me! With my hair looking fabulous, I left, and made my way over to Universal.

When I got to the parking garage, the parking attendant severely rubbed me the wrong way! I was driving in like all the other cars, when he stepped in front of me waving his arms frantically. Then he stopped, and just stood there. So I rolled the window down, and he came up to me and said in a really nasty tone, "That row is full!!" and continued to stand there doing nothing. So, looking confused, I said "Well are you going to open up another row so I can get parked?" So he walked back to a row of cones blocking off the next lane of parking spaces and kicked one of the cones out of the way! He was acting really upset that he had to open up another row of parking spaces for me! But what was I supposed to do? There was a full line of cars behind me, and obviously everything in front of me was I have no clue why he was acting so mad at me that he had to open a new row of spaces!

So once I got away from the "ticked off for no reason" parking garage attendant, I headed to Margaritaville.

This is definitely my favorite restaurant at Universal, though admittedly I haven't eaten at very many. I always sit at the bar since I am usually alone and don't want to take up a table (though this day was pretty empty and it wouldn't have mattered).

The margarita volcano above the Margaritaville bar

The bartender was great...took my food order quickly, and answered a few questions I had about tequila before I ordered my drink.

I got a the MegaRita or something like that, which came in a souvenir glass that I got to keep. It was great, and my food came quickly also.

I got the modified Cheeseburger in Paradise...I like mine with tomato and quacamole, french fried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a margarita!

Just as I was paying for my meal, Kim came in and we were off to Islands of Adventure.

The adventure begins as we enter IOA

The first stop was Hulk, which had no wait. Hulk is a nice coaster, but I wish it just had that extra little something to make it a fantastic coaster. The launch and first inversion are awesome, then it just sorta fizzles out. All the maneuvers are really big, which tends to make them less forceful, at least that's the way it feels to me. There was no wait, which was great, and we took the "first available" seat, which has been an ongoing joke between Kim and I for quite a while.

Next I went to my favorite ride in the whole park...Dr. Doom's FearFall! I know, I am such the weirdo...I won't touch Tower of Terror, yet I would ride Dr. Doom all day if the ride ops would let me! Kim hates shot towers, so I only rode it once so she woudln't have to wait around on me very long. I always use the single rider line, so I've never had to wait more than about five minutes to ride. This time, I was on and off and back meeting Kim where I left her in less than five minutes.

Spiderman was next since it was right next door. This is Kim's favorite ride in the park, and while I agree that it's a nice ride, I've never been overly impressed by it. Call it anticipointed I guess. There are some very convincing effects, but that doesn't make it better than something like Men in Black or Dueling Dragons, or even Mickey's Philharmagic. Once again, there was no wait, so we scooted right in, then out.

We walked through Toon Lagoon, stopping for a couple of photo ops, but no rides. Ripsaw Falls was down for rehab, and it was just too cold to get soaked on Bilge Rat Barges, eventhough it is the best rapids ride I've ridden!

We watched the rafts from one of my favorite little spots in the park...

...then stopped to watch Jurassic Park for a bit as we passed it also.

We both passed on Flying Unicorn, and headed straight to Dueling Dragons. It took me a long time, but I've decided that I definitely like Fire more than Ice, and Kim is exactly the opposite.

They are both great coasters, but the flyover that Fire does while Ice is barrell rolling under it is the best element in either of these coasters! I love that Fire has airtime, which is very rare to find on inverted coasters. We rode Ice first, then Fire, taking the first available seats on each. We stopped for a couple of pictures after the ride, then went off towards Seuss Landing.

As we arrived in Seuss Landing, we both made a bathroom stop. I wanted to get a Goose Juice like a normally do in Seuss Landing...

...but the shop was closed :-( We also got a good look at the Driving Machines ride and queue, which is supposedly opening in the summer of 2006.

The Zamp in the favorite little touch in all of Universal

I stopped for a quick picture with the Cat in the Hat...

...then saw what appeared to be a huge bobcat running free in the park! Crazy!

Cat in the Hat was the last ride of the park, and it also had no line at all.

The Adventure lives on as we proceed to Universal Studios

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