Day 5 - Disney/MGM Studios

Monday, December 5th, 2005

I had planned on sleeping in a little bit, but at 7:30, I woke up having to use the bathroom. Since Kevin was already getting up, I decided to go ahead and stay up. Kevin had an issue with his new cell phone before we left the room, because in trying to purchase more minutes for his phone, he was told he couldn't since his credit card was Canadian based. So we decided that I would drive us to the park, then when we left, we'd jump into Walmart so he could get one of the cards there. We both grabbed breakfast in the food court, then headed out to MGM Studios.

The first place we went was to the meet at Rock N Roller Coaster. There was a big group already assembled when we arrived, so we all milled around chatting for a while. Eventually a group of people went off to ride Tower of Terror, so I tagged along.

I hate Tower of Terror, so I had no intention whatsoever of riding!

This group looks like trouble if I've ever seen it!

Tower of Terror onride photo

It ended up being a group of 8 that rode, while Pamela and I took the chicken exit out and waited at the exit for everyone! I'm told that that was the smalled RADP Tower of Terror meet there had ever been, but everyone seemed to have fun nonetheless.

After the ride, everyone headed back over to Rock N Roller Coaster to meet up with the rest of the group.

Julie and Kevin are ready to tackle the best Vekoma out there!

Kevin and Mickey insist on molesting the marble door at Rock N Roller Coaster.

There was almost no wait, and 13 of us ended up riding. Kevin and I ended up in the back seat of the train, and it seemed to be just as smooth in the back as in the front and middle. After the ride, the meet broke up for a while, and Kevin and Mickey went to ride Tower of Terror again. I waited out in the courtyard by the exit and gave Susan a call to say hi. She'd been unable to make the entire meet this year, but was arriving on Wednesday. We chatted for about a half hour while they were riding, and Susan offered to get Kevin's cell phone card for him so he wouldn't have to make a trip to Walmart. Once they were done riding, Kevin and I headed over to Star Tours for a ride.

We were meeting the rest of the group for lunch at 50s Prime Time, so we killed a bit of time in the Indiana Jones gift shop beforehand.

Kevin and I get into a knife fight in the Indiana Jones gift shop

Kevin must still think I'm trying to get his lucky charms!

Bruce and Marta arrive for lunch

Once everyone had assembled for lunch, we were seated fairly quickly. We were a group of 10 (me, Kevin, Mickey, Jessie, Tony, Jack, Sean, Pamela, Bruce and Marta)...

...and our waiter insisted that we sit girls on one side of the table, boys on the other. Kevin and Jessie started throwing spitballs at one point, and when the waiter caught them...

...he dragged Jessie by the chair and put her into the corner! Then as other people were being seated in the restaurant, the waiter would point her out to them, saying "This is what's gonna happen if you don't behave!"

Eventually he let her go back to her place at the table, and soon all the food arrived.

I had a turkey and swiss sandwich with chips and it was great. Just what I needed after some other pretty fattening and greasy meals!

At one point, the waiter insisted that Sean wear a bib for the rest of the meal...

...then a little later he put one on Pamela too. At the end of the meal, the waiter decided that he didn't like how much of her meal Pamela had finished...

so he took it away, covered it in ice cream and sundae toppings, and brought it back saying it was a chicken sandwich sundae! Needless to say, she didn't eat any of it!

Catherine came in for a few minutes during a break in the Great Race, but didn't stay long since she was officiating. A few people ordered desserts, and Kev gave me a forkful of his S'mores, and one forkful was more than enough for me!

After lunch, we waited for another group of folks to get done with lunch, and we all went over to Muppet*Vision.

While waiting for Muppet*Vision, Tony decides that Kevin's hat is fitting for him as well.

We waited for quite a while to make sure everyone was there, then headed in for the show. Afterwards, we all headed over to the Great Movie Ride. The wait was the longest I've had in a while, but it wasn't terrible since we amused ourselves with slapping each others hands as we passed each other in the queue switchbacks.

Everyone on Great Movie Ride. Would have been a nice picture had more people than just Tony been paying attention.

After Great Movie Ride, we all went to the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show. I'd never seen this show, but it came very highly praised from my mom. We all sat in the handicapped area since Brian and Judy were using ECVs.

Well, I really loved the show! I wish more than anything that I knew how to spin cars around they way they do. I thought it was fun and entertaining, and one that I will definitely try to see on every trip!

kevin takes advantage of the Narnia photo op

The group broke up at this point, and Kevin, Jessie, Erica and I headed over to the Playhouse Disney show since it was the last thing on property neither of us had done. I was absolutely dying of thirst as we got there, so I ran out into the courtyard to find a soda. Of course there were no drink carts where I could get a bottled drink, so I ended up with a fountain Coke. Then when I got back to the show entrance, they wouldn't let me in since I didn't have a bottle. Rats! So I wandered through the animation store for a bit, then browsed my pictures as I waited for them.

After the show, we all went to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which I enjoyed since this was the first time since it opened that I could actually compete for the prizes! They had two contestants, neither of which was me :-( hehe As we were leaving, my name was at the top of the leader board, so had they needed another contestant, I would have been it! Rats again!

As the show ended, we went to go meet up with Mickey, Tracy, Jack and a few others near the entrance of Rock N Roller Coaster so we could all sit together during Fantasmic!.

We ended up "going to Hades" which seems like it is always where I end up sitting during Fantastmic! The show was nice, and when it was over, we all headed out. I wanted to ride Rock N Roller Coaster one more time, so everyone else left for Adventurer's Club, and I went back over to ride the coaster one more time. There was no line once again, and it kicked just as much ass as always.

When I left the park, I was getting pretty hungry, so I figured I would make a stop off property for a cheap yet fantastic meal at...Taco Bell!

I *heart* Taco Bell. I sat in the car and ate, and afterwards decided to try and find a hair dryer or straightening iron of some kind, since I was absolutely at my wits end with my hair. I went to a nearby Walgreens and found a travel straightening iron for about $15, so I got that, figuring that I can use it at home also. Once I had that taken care of, I went on to the Adventurer's Club.

Kevin and Tony were there, as well as Shawna and Scott. We stayed for a bit, but then I said that I wanted to go see a Comedy Warehouse show, and invited everyone. Kevin was the only one that said he wanted to go, and that he wanted to stop for a snack first. We popped into The Missing Link where he got some fries, then we waited for the next Comedy Warehouse show.

After the show, we headed back into Adventurer's Club for a bit, and Catherine was there. We tried to get some info out of her about how the Race had gone, but she didn't seem to want to tell us much.

At one point right before the Rythm Ritual, Pamelia told everyone "If you have a camera, turn it on. If you don't have a camera, dance!" So I got a funny picture of Kevin and Catherine dancing hehe As all the festivities wound to a close, we all walked out to the lot and drove back to Pop Century.

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