Day 2 - Epcot, RADP 10, Mega Mouse Meet and Magic Kingdom

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

This was Saturday, the day of the Big Meet and Greet at International Gateway.

Kevin was up and out before I was even awake. I got out of bed at 8:30, and headed off to the food court for breakfast.

I had the cheese omlette, potatoes and biscuit, and glass of frozen Coke. I also ate at a Space Invaders cocktail table, which was awesome! After dropping the mug off in the room, I took the bus to Epcot since I didn't know what park I was ending the day in, and didn't want to have to keep track of the car.

Dave, the bus driver

The bus driver was hilarious! His name was Dave, and he kept insisting that he was lost, and that it was his first day. He was great!

When I got to Epcot, I decided to go check out the Living Seas first and see the changes that were made. Honestly, there was some stuff changed, but it wasn't as radical as I was led to believe. I was told that I "wouldn't recognize the Living Seas" but it is still very recognizable! They just changed around a few things, added a few things here and there, and that was about it.

I enjoyed the shrimp exhibit...

...and cuttlefish exhibit more than anything, and those were there before! I also had a lady stop me and ask me if I knew what kind of infection one of the fish had! Nope, sorry! hahaha

As I left, I decided to go to Imagination and catch a ride before Spaceship Earth Roulette. As I approached, I saw a few RADP people having a meet that I didn't even know about. Bruce, Marta, Sean, Pamela, Jack M, Tracy, Jack C, Erica, Jessie, Carol and lots of others were there waiting for the rest of the folks from the Soarin' meet.

Sean, Bruce, John, Charlotte, Jack and Jessie enjoy a ride on Imagination

Tracy, Jack, Marta, Carol and Erica also enjoy their rides

Kevin and Shawna took a ride in the back of my vehicle

We rode ,but didn't linger very long in Image Works. Once everyone was done, we headed over to the pin station to find Catherine.

Everyone reassembled, and we all got to choose a scene, then we rode. I chose "Jeremy Irons Speaks" which is the part right as you enter the ride. I rode with Shawna, and Catherine was about two cars in front of me.

The ride actually made three stops, the first of which was in the Theater, so Kevin was the winner!

After the ride, Kevin was awarded the grand prize of a Pooh beanie. We originally joked that he was Mexican Wrestler Pooh, but Kevin ultimately decided to name him the Scarlet Poohpernel.

Kevin proudly displays the Scarlet Poohpernel

The next thing on the agenda was the Big Meet, so lots of people headed off for that, as others straggled in different directions befoe going to the International Gateway.

Once at the meet, I got to see almost all of my RADP friends, and even a few I could have done without seeing!

Sean and Pamela


Kevin with Ben (and the Scarlet Poohpernel)

Jan, Tracy, Kenny and Brian

Me with Jessie, Kevin, Scott and Shawna. Good thing everyone was ready when they took the picture!

We milled around for the better part of an hour, then it was time for the LIB meet. Not as many men were upgraded this year, which indicated a disturbing trend in declining loin maintenance! But those that did get upgraded seemed proud of their achievements!

Jack earned another upgrade this year!

So did Bruce! Thanks for the hard work!

Being married to a loin inspector, Sean is a constant overacheiver and gets upgraded every year.

Quiet, shy and unsuspecting, Brian is nominated for an Apprentice registration!

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