Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Today was the day for RADP meets at Animal Kingdom. Having seen Kevin's video from last year's Kilimanjaro Safari meet, I decided that I wanted to go to that one this year. Kevin and I got up at 8:00 and had breakfast in the food court. I don't remember what he had, but I got a cheese omlette with potatoes and a biscuit, and filled my refillable mug with frozen coke. We found Tracy, Jack and Erica in the food court, so we sat with them and ate. When we were done, they went on their way and Kevin and I drove to Animal Kingdom.

On the way into the parking lot, we were both shocked to find that you can see a very large portion of the Expedition Everest show building from the parking lot. It's very obvious, and even if you can't see it from inside the park, it looks bad from outside. Maybe they are assuming no one will know what it is?

As soon as we arrived, we found the open turnstyle with no one going through it and entered the park. When we made our way back to the Safari, it seemed like the majority of my close RADP friends were already there! Deb Wills was hosting the meet, and after a big group picture, we all got in line.

Dave and Brian

Jan and Mike

I ended up riding with Jan and Mike, as well as many others.

As we were about to load, a ride op was joking with Mickey, reading her buttons and all. One said "Worship me like the goddess that I am," so he started pretending to worship her! I missed it the first time he did it, but got my camera ready and asked him to do it again, so I got a good picture the second time!

The safari was nice...lots of animals were out...

Two rhinos having a scuffle

...including a giraffe that was very close to the road. The gazelles and lions weren't very active, but they were still visible. After the ride, we did the "ceremonial blocking of the Kilimanjaro Safari exit" as we waited for the second Jeef full of people to emerge.

I got a picture with Deb, then we all said our goodbyes as Kevin, Andrea, Donna and I headed off to watch Flights of Wonder.

Kevin tries out a new career in pole dancing. Keep your day job, Kev :-)

I'd never seen Flights of Wonder before, so for whatever reason, Kevin and I decided to do all the stuff in the park we'd never done.

After hearing the audience gasp at the eagle, Kevin made the observation that
Canadians never react that way to maple leaves.

Flights of Wonder was an ok show. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again, but it was cute and interesting.

After the show, we got to learn about owls

After the show, we lingered near Expedition Everest...

...taking photos and oogling at the queue. As we headed into Dinoland, I said that the only ride in Disney World I hadn't ridden was Triceratops Spin, so I wanted to do that.

Donna was taking pictures and didn't get to ride, but Kevin, Andrea and I rode.

As you can see, Kevin is thrilled to be riding Triceratops Spin

I don't think our controller worked, since no matter what I did, it didn't seem like I was controlling anything about the ride! Oh well. At least I can now say I've ridden everything in Disney World!

Donna and Andrea were off to a salon for a bit of pampering, so we all decided to grab a bite for lunch before they left. We headed to Pizzafari, but first made a stop in the Pee-safari to wash our hands.

Donna, Andrea and I got the chicken parmesan sandwiches and Kevin got a salad of some kind. I really love these sandwiches...they're big, tasty and a decent value! After lunch, Donna and Andrea went on their way, and Kevin and I stayed in the park for a bit more.

The plan was to see the Pocahontas show next since neither of us had seen that either, but by the time we arrived in Camp Minnie Mickey, the show had already begun and we couldn't get in. There was a Tarzan show coming up, so we went back over to Dinoland. Being early for the show, we rode Dinosaur first.

As be approached Dinosaur, we found a woman using what is apparently a "seeing eye kid."
The man is probably teaching the "seeing eye kid" to avoid any movies starring the dinosaur in the background.

In case you ever needed to know the chemical compositions of ketchup,
mustard, and ya go!

Kevin is just as scared of Dinosaur as a broken down Spaceship Earth!

As we finished, we had a little fun in the gift shop! I now present...Silly Hat Time, brought to you by Julie and Kevin.

The Chernabog hat...a must for the distinguished Disney fan in your life.

Yes, I see you Mike. Now get off my head and go back to Long Beach.

As you can see here, Kevin just *loves* all things American, including
comical, oversized patriotic hats! (Yes, I see you in the background, Mike!)

Ya mon, we be jammin'. No worries here in the Animal Kingdom. It's Nahtazu, mon!
(Yes, I see you in the background again, Mike!)

Once we were done, we rode the right hand side of Primeval Whirl.

This one had much less braking than the Beech Bend Wild Mouse, which was surprising since this is Disney! After our ride, it was time for the Tarzan show. I've always enjoyed this show, and I think it's a shame that they're taking it out! I mean, flying loins...who wouldn't love that? It's just a very well done and entertaining show. I just hope it's replacement is as good as it is.

As we exited Tarzan, I said I'd like to ride the other side of Primeval Whirl, just to be able to say I'd ridden five clones of the same coaster in the same year.

I have entitled this photo "Self Portrait in Clone Queue."

Still waiting for the next Pocahontas show as we exited, we went to Tough to be a Bug next.

Me with a gorilla in the Bugs queue

Kevin and I are too sexy for our bug eyes. Too sexy for our bug eyes.

This is my least favorite of the 3D movies in Orlando (but not all of Florida since Haunted Lighthouse at Busch Gardens sucked worse! But more on that later). After Bugs, it was finally time for Pocahontas.

We hiked it all the way back up to Camp Minnie Mickey, and got a seat in the tiny theater. The show wasn't very good, even when figuring it is geared towards kids. They didn't really talk about the animals...just had them come out on stage, eat something, then go backstage again. And I found Pocahontas' trendy Old Navy mocassins a bit distracting!

Having done nearly everything else in the park, we headed back to Planet Watch for a bit.

Kevin does the Conga on the way to Planet Watch, and of course,
I snap the camera at a really weird time!

We were two of only about 5 people on the entire train, and we insisted on sitting on the complete opposite end of the train from the other group!

The train almost jerked Kevin out of his seat when it started moving too! Once at Planet Watch, we listened to a Song of the Rainforest booth, and tried to stay in for a second round just to enjoy the silence, but a CM came by and sort of shooed us out. We went outside and petted some goats, including one that was standing on a bench and tried to bite my boob! When we went back inside, we met Franklin, who insisted on hooking Kevin up with Pocahontas! Then when I went to hug him, he tried to grab my behind! At least I hope it was a "he"! It was really hilarious!

On the way out, Rafiki tried to get Kevin to "worship him like the goddess that
he is" but Kevin just wasn't buying it!

Once we left Planet Watch, we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for the evening. Kevin was going to Palio with Donna and Andrea, and I was just gonna go hang out at Adventurer's Club and Comedy Warehouse. At the hotel, Kevin cleaned up and headed off to dinner, and I laid down for a nap. I was so tired that I actually got under the covers, and before I knew it, I'd been asleep for 3 hours! I felt great when I woke up though!

Before I left, I decided to go to All Star Music and have a chicken quesadilla for dinner, but as I drove, I decided to go to Earl of Sandwich instead.

I ate there last March, and really enjoyed it, eventhough I was sick at the time. I parked near Planet Hollywood and walked over to Earl of Sandwich. I got the turkey club I think, but with no bacon so it was just a warm and melty turkey sandwich. Mmm, so good!

Next I headed off to the Adventurer's Club for a bit. When I arrived, a bunch of people were there already, but I didn't have much time to chat since there was a Comedy Warehouse show coming up soon. I lingered for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, then left to get in line at Comedy Warehouse. While in line, I spotted Sam and Ben in line ahead of me, so I asked if they could save a seat for me.

We ended up being in the first row with a ledge in front of seats in the house. The word of the day was "cream cheese" and Sam successfully worked it in as the title of a story..."Memoires of a cream cheese bagel." The story they made kinda sucked, but at least we got our word in! At the end of the show, I told my story about sinking on the boat in Bay Lake last year, but the song they made up totally blew and they could have done 100% better!

When the show ended, I went back into Adventurer's Club for a while, then went back for the last Comedy Warehouse show at a little after midnight. There was almost no one waiting for the show...20-25 people max! So I was seated in the front row, which I don't like since they tend to pick on the people in the front when it's not crowded. When the show was over, I headed back to my car and drove back to the hotel.

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