Day 4 - Kennywood

Phantoms Revenge from the free parking lot

When we arrived at Kennywood, we decided to take advantage of the free parking instead of the closer paid parking, since we both agreed that we're cheaper than we are lazy!

Julie is proud to present...Kennywood!

The entrance to the park was very nice, and once we emerged from the tunnel, the park just looked so cute! It was old and historic, yet extremely well taken care of and respected. It was a very pretty park, and looks very different than the big name parks.

Garfield's Nightmare was our first ride, and it was pretty cute. Obviously I never rode the Old Mill version, but the new version is pretty cute. I thought it was funny that they didn't even try to be discrete about the onride photo! Neither of us thought that the 3D glasses were necessary, but they did lend a great depth effect to the splatter paint on the walls.

After Garfield, Kim took me back to her favorite coaster, the Jackrabbit. I'd mentioned ahead of time that I prefer my woodies to not shake the life out of me, and she guessed that I probably wouldn't like any of Kennywood's woodies since they were rough. Well, once we were on Jackrabbit, I didn't really find it rough at all. It felt like an old, classic woodie, and it was great! There is this one pop of airtime...omg, it's insane. As we went up the lift hill, she pointed to it and nonchalantly said "That's the best part of the ride." It looked like an ordinary little hill, but holy cow, I probably came 6 inches off my seat!

Kim gives the Racer two thumbs up!

Next we hopped next door and rode the Racer. We rode the ride that loads on the left first, saying we'd come back and ride the right loading side later, just to say I'd ridden both "sides." It was another really fun, unique woodie. Not rough at all, and it had that added interest of seeing if you can touch the people in the next train, and seeing which train will get back to the station first. Another great, fun ride.

Should I eat them, or just pack them straight into my arteries?

After Racer, we were on our way to walk through the kiddie area when I spotted fried Oreos! I'd almost bought some at Lake Compounce last year, but they were closed by the time I got there. So I got some here.

Julie eats fried Oreos with Leo, the sucky bear.

My first thought was "I only get three of them?" but once I started eating them, they are super rich, and I couldn't have eaten more than three anyway. Just as I finished up, we passed Lil' Phantom...

Julie and Kim, riding high after their Lil' Phantom credit

We'd both assumed that we needed a kid to ride it, but we were surprised to find "No maximum height limit" or somesuch on the entrance sign! Kim had never even ridden it, so it was a new credit for her too! We went around twice, and were both a little shocked at how forceful it was to be a kiddie coaster! We then got a stranger to take our picture with the Lil' Phantom sign...I think she thought we were crazy!

Thunderbolt was next, and Kennywood is three for three with fantastic woodies. I particularly love how both Thunderbolt and Jackrabbit begin with drops out of the station...never ridden a coaster like that before! And on both of them, the lift hill is a considerable way into the coaster. One thing I loved about Thunderbolt is that there is a headchopper with the Phantom's Revenge track, and again, you'd swear you are not gonna clear that track without injury! If you timed it just perfectly, you could actually have a headchopper with Thunderbolt going under a Phantom's Revenge train! That would be one scary headchopper!

We jumped over to The Exterminator next so we could knock out the coasters before hitting any of the flat rides. It's not a bad mouse, though I've ridden at least one clone of it before. It *is* definitely the most themed mouse I've been on, and one of the more themed coasters period. We had maybe a 10 minute wait for Exterminator...just about the longest wait we had all day.

Since the Whip was right there, we rode it, and it was a lot of run. I'd never ridden one since I'd never been to a park that had one. Kim said that some people count Whips as coasters...huh? Really? Nothing at all about that ride says "coaster" to me. It was starting to rain lightly at this point, so we headed for Noah's Ark since it was indoors.

We had about a 10 minute wait for Noah's Ark, but at least we were under a tree to keep us dry. I had no clue what to expect out of this attraction. I looked at the outside and assumed it was gonna be cutesy and Biblical...but that is not at all what I got! I am absolutely NOT a fan of fun houses, haunted houses and the like. If it pops out at me, or scares me, I don't want to have anything to do with it. Needless to say, I hated Noah's Ark. Kim tried to get me to walk through before her, but I refused. Half of it is in the dark....then there are some extremely creepy dioramas of Noah and some ugly, dirty animals...then some gorillas in a box with a strobe light that just about scared the poop out of me! It was not cute, it was not fun, and it was not something I ever care to do again. I'm all about saving the historic stuff in parks, y'know, but they could tear that thing down and I'd never shed a tear.

Wonder what ride this is the entrance for?

It had stopped raining when we came out, so we decided to get snag the last credit in the park...Phantoms Revenge. I didn't give this coaster much thought before hand since it was an Arrow that had been reprofiled significantly. I figured it would be average. But this coaster absolutely blew my socks off!

It's got a great first drop, but what's even better is that when you hit the second, bigger drop, you are already going pretty fast, so you hit this huge drop and it just snatches you down into the ravine. It had some tremendous airtime...I could have absolutely ridden this coaster all day long! It is truly a "top ten" coaster! It's at least in my top 7.

Phantom's Revenge and Thunderbolt mingling in the ravine

It felt like this coaster just came out of nowhere since I was completely not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it was. Funny thing is that Kim is so used to the woodies that this is her next-to-least favorite coaster in the park (Exterminator being last place).

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