Day 5 - Darien Lake

Back in the car, I was off to Darien Lake. I was warned extensively by Kim and Kevin that this park would suck, and to not get my hopes up, so I didn't. It was a lot farther outside of Buffalo than I thought it would be. I figured it was in a suburb, but it's really more like halfway to Rochester. I found it easily though, eventhough it felt like it took me forever to get there.

I parked and went in, and was immediately greeted with a lovely SLC, Mind Eraser.

What a beautiful sight...death machine in front of stagnate lake

Figuring it would be the worst coaster in the park, I ran for it first to get it out of the way. The wait wasn't terrible, which was good, but the ride ended up being the worst, roughest coaster of the trip. My ears hurt excruciatingly when I left. There is just no way to be a defensive rider on these get the s**t beat out of you no matter what you do. And no, it did not erase my mind of the pain it caused me.

I saw Viper next, and after watching it for just a second, figured it would be pretty bad too. You could watch people in certain elements just have their heads jerked everywhere, so I wasn't looking forward to it. I boarded, and while it was really rough, it wasn't as bad as some I've been on. Still not something I care to reride though.

I rode the kiddie coaster, Brain Teaser, next since it was in the area. It was a kiddie coaster, what can I say?

I decided on Predator next, hoping against hope that it would be a decent coaster. Well, again, I was completely wrong. On the bottoms of the hills, I could actually see the train shaking a good 3 or 4 inches to right and left, which made it feel like you were riding a moving jackhammer. I don't remember a single redeeming quality to this woodie except the brake run.

Finally some Intamin!

Needing a bit of a break from such bad coasters, I got in line for Superman: Ride of Steel. At least this was one that I could say, with 95% certainty, would not shake the s**t out of me. I waited about half an hour, and couldn't help but eaves drop on the group behind me. It was one guy's first day ever of riding coasters! Man, did he choose to start at the wrong park! Funny thing was the guy was saying "Yeah, that dangly one was pretty good, and that one that pulls you up then drops you (the boomerang) was awesome!" OMG! Someone get this guy on a good coaster, quick! At least he was in line for what had to be the best one in the park.

I sat in the middle of the train since I didn't want to wait for the back seat. The climb and the first drop were just like the one at Six Flags New England, but that was where a lot of the similarities ended. The Darien Lake version puts a lot of emphasis on the helixes since they are right over the water, and there are two of them. I don't remember a helix really standing out in the SFNE one because of all the huge airtime hills. Darien Lake had a few airtime hills, and the airtime you got was great, just not as many as SFNE. The last couple of bunny hills were a great way to end though. Overall it was just what I needed in the middle of all the other wretched coasters at this park. I was a great coaster on it's own, but only about half as great as SFNE's version.

Julie's last act of masochism

I decided to go ahead and be the whore and get the Boomerang Coast to Coaster credit while I was there. There was no line luckily, and I was in and out faster than I could say "Screw you, Vekoma Boomerang!" but not without massive outer ear bludgeoning first.

I was hot and tired and ready to make a run for the border at this point, so I started heading out. On the way, I passed a guesser who had yard tall Six Flags glasses as one of his prizes. Since I collect them, and people are constantly guessing me younger than I am, I decided to let him guess my age for $3. Well, he guessed 27 (I'm 26), which floored me, since no one ever even guesses me as old as I am, much less older! I started to walk away when he put his microphone down and said that if I played again for $2 more, he'd let me have whatever prize I wanted, even if he guessed correctly. So I said ok, figuring that I'd have spent $5 on it in a gift shop had it been there. I had him guess my birth month that time, and he guessed August, which is within two months of July! He didn't tell people he'd gotten it right though, so I went up and got my prize like he'd been wrong :-)

On my way out, I rinsed out the yard tall glass and got it filled with Coke for $.99, and headed off to Canada. I'm used to crossing at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, but Kevin had suggested an alternate bridge that would be faster based on coming from Darien Lake. So I found my way across, and the border guard barely asked me anything about where I was going and how long I was staying. There was also nothing on the other side of the border...unlike Niagara Falls which is a tourist trap if I've ever seen one!

A little ways down the highway, I found a Tim Hortons! Yummy!! Love me some Tim Hortons! My guess is it was about 10:00pm by this time, so the bagel selection was limited. I got a toasted whole grain bagel with turkey and swiss. When I bit into it, it tasted sweet! Bleh! I opened it up, and there was a clear yellow condiment on it that I didn't recognize, so I went up and asked what it was. It was honey mustard, which has got to be my least favorite condiment ever! Might as well put horseradish on it, it would taste better! So the girl remade the sandwich, and the boss seemed pretty irked that she'd put the honey mustard on it instead of regular mustard. Once it was fixed, the sandwich was great.

Kevin had tried to get me to agree to stay with him once I got to Canada, but he's about an hour past where my hotel was, which would have put me at his house at close to 1:00am! So I said no, that I'd keep my hotel, also so I wouldn't have to backtrack the 45 minutes or so to Canada's Wonderland the next day. He was busy all weekend and couldn't go to the park with me, but we'd agreed to meet up for dinner on Friday night anyway.

Holiday Inn Express Airport, Missisauga

I reached my hotel in Mississauga around midnight, and it was very nice! It was another employee discounted Holiday Inn Express. It was the cheapest one I could find, so it was a little ways off from the park but I didn't care. I'd rather save $20 per night and drive 20 extra minutes to the park! The room was very had beautiful linens and headboards, and nice smelling soaps hehe. It also had Canadian TV...go figure! I love Canada :-) I got some ice and fixed a big glass of ice water in my Cedar Point birthday mug, then went to bed.

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