Julie's Vacation on a Stick!

Day 1 - Cedar Point

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

On the 9th, I'd worked overnight at my hotel. When I left, I made myself stay awake until about 5:00pm that night (had been awake for about 30 hours at that point) so I'd be extremely tired and could get a full night of sleep before waking up early for my trip. After finishing up some last minute packing, I hit the bed at 5:00pm and woke up at 1:30am, having had 8 1/2 hours of sleep. Believe me, it's so rare to get that much sleep before a trip, but I was so glad that I had. I threw my stuff into the car, said bye to my kitties, and left Nashville at 2:47am.

Me with Big Boy. Don't we look cute together?

I was in Cincinnati by sunrise, and stopped at a Frisch's Big Boy in Sharonville for breakfast. I had a egg and cheese biscuit and potatoes...and it was very good. My first time to a Big Boy was great!

My ride. Wait, what's that on the dashboard?

Yeah! My Superman Masthead!

The rest of the drive was quite uneventful...I took a small highway to get to Sandusky, which wasn't too bad except that at one point, I made probably a dozen turns just to get into and out of this one small town!

About a week prior to the trip, my friend Kevin from Orillia, ON decided to join me for my days at Cedar Point. He's one of my favorite coaster buddies, so it was awesome to have some good company for the Cedar Point part of the trip. He'd arrived the previous morning and spent the day at Geauga Lake, and was planning on getting to Cedar Point by park opening on the 10th. I spent some time on the phone with him on and off deciding where to meet and all, and I also ultimately decided to check into my hotel before meeting him.

Once I got to Sandusky, I got turned around a bit trying to find Maples Motel, but I eventually found it. This hotel had come highly recommended on rec.roller-coaster, and it seemed ok...older, but quaint I guess. And Joan, the owner, was really friendly while I checked in.

With my key in hand, I headed out to the park. It was very easy to find, and I thought it was really cool that one second you are just driving on this road...then you pass some trees, and there's Cedar Point off in the distance! It seems to come out of nowhere!

I quickly parked and headed into the park for the first time around 1:00pm. I was meeting Kevin at Johnny Rockets, and found him easily once I was in that area. I was so excited to be there that I said we needed to immediately run for a coaster and get my trip started!

"Ahh! I'm at Cedar Point!!!"

Disaster Transport was the first coaster of my trip (he'd gotten there at park opening so he'd already done a couple of rides, but had purposely left Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster to ride with me). We had about a 15 minute wait or so, which was good because it gave us a chance to catch up with each other and soak in a little bit more air conditioning.

Credit #90 - Disaster Transport

The ride was great...the only other one I'd ridden was Screamin' Delta Demon at Opryland and had loved it, so Disaster Transport did not disappoint. Credit #90.

Here, Kevin models the lovely Blue Streak

Next we went to Blue Streak, which had a one train wait. Is this a Sunday at Cedar Point, seriously?

Credit #91 - Blue Streak

The ride was great, and kept both of us screaming and laughing. Credit #91.

As we passed Cedar Downs, we decided to ride it since it was loading, and since it was a unique ride.

It was very cute...sort of like a carousel, but with race horses that actually move forward and back, one taking the lead and then another.

Kevin loves Cedar Downs!

It was a very fun ride, and we had a great time trying to see who was going to end up ahead (I won!).

Credit #92 - Iron Dragon

We meandered our way around to Iron Dragon next, which also had almost no wait. This ride was kind of a let down for both of us. The first half was really slow, with minimal swinging and thrilling elements. The second half was better though, as it picked up some speed and some forces. Still overall, it wasn't that great. It was ok, but we'd already ridden better. Credit #92.

Credit #93 - Wildcat

After that we hopped over to Wildcat, which had maybe a 5 minute wait. This was a great mouse...no painful laterals, and lots of fun curves and hills. Credit #93.

We tried to get on Mantis but it was down temporarily, so we wandered toward the back of the park. We found a great store where everything was 35% off, so I decided to get a hat, at Kevin's urging, to keep he sun off my face.

Kevin sees if Seahorse on a stick is as tasty as hotdog, pickle, or cheese on a stick.

Kevin also found a "Seahorse on a stick" and "S&M Lioness on a Stick" which we both got a good laugh out of. We'd joked at length earlier about cheese on a stick, then seahorse on a stick...so when I found a stick laying on the counter by a register...

...I took the opportunity to make "Hula Girl on a Stick." We also joked that the only "on a stick" item we hadn't found yet was "Stick on a stick." The employees must have thought we were truly nuts.

Captivating, huh Kev?

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