Julie makes her first trip to Dollywood and Gatlinburg in May of 2005, and marvels at the strange Dollywood gift shop offerings. She also has a close encounter of the Dolly kind!
Another year, and it's time for another annual RADP meet. This year, Julie has fun with Kevin, Susan, Rob, Brian, Erik, and all the rest. Includes photos of the Great Race, the big meet and a day at Animal Kingdom!
The whole gang meets up in Disney World for the annual December RADP gathering in 2003. There are photos from the It's Fried Great Race victory, dinner at Artist Point and Rob's birthday, as well as plenty of random silliness in the Magic Kingdom.
All the RADPers gathered together again in December of 2002 for more food, fun and festivities at the RADP 007 meet. See all the air hockey drama, the RADP-opoly madness, and watch the LIB conquer the Adventurer's Club!
Julie, Richie and Joy journey into the bowels of redneckdom to experience Mule day in Columbia, TN, and barely make it out with their lives!
Jen and Jeff get married! Friends travel from all over on St. Patricks Day of 2002 to celebrate with them at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa near Tampa. Includes plenty of photos of the ceremony, reception, cake cutting and general antics of their guests.
These photos chronicle Julie's last summer as a Cast Member at Disney World in the summer of 2002. It includes friends, coworkers, managers and everything else that made it a fun and unique summer.
2002 marked the 6th annual RADP meet, and everyone was out in full force. Julie's Hunt team ties with Rob and Brian's hunt team, the group spends a lovely day in the Animal Kingdom Lodge concierge lounge, and much more!

Disneyland and the Price is Right

Julie, Kevin and Richie go to Disneyland! This proves to be one of the best trips Julie has ever taken, and one of the most photographed, with over a dozen rolls of film! Includes photos from Disneyland, California Adventure, Los Angeles and even their trip to a Price is Right taping!
The Florida gang attends the last showing of the Timekeeper, and hijacks the last run of the Mike Fink Keelboats!
Julie and Kim go to Orillia, ON for the first time to see Kevin, and discover the joys of thrifting and Canadian Walmart along the way!
A WHAT? A TIME MACHINE! Julie, Richie, Jeff, Peter and others take over Tomorrowland Transit Authority and ride it 50 times in a row!
Richie helps Julie move back home after a summer in Florida and visits Nashville for the first time. Includes Atlanta, Rock City and Kentucky Kingdom pictures.

Julie's WDWCP Scrapbook

Julie's Walt Disney World College Program scrapbook! Details her fyabulous 4 month stint at Vista Way, as well as her work experience at Body Wars and the Universe of Energy! Includes over 90 scrapbook pages!
Julie and some friends from college make a pilgrimage to see the World's Largest Red Cedar Bucket, and become overwhelmed by its sheer immensity.
Tourist Mickey goes to Disney World! Follow Tourist Mickey's 1998 adventure as he visits all the Disney World parks and visits with the other characters.
Here you can read all of Julie's Disney World trip reports from the late 90s.