Julie's 30th birthday road trip

My car, chillin' in the Freestyle Music Park parking lot Freestyle Music Park Freestyle Music Park main gate Red Red Wine gift shop
Freestyle Mercantile Entrance to Myrtle's Beach The logo guitar and Soak'd across the lake A really low flying military plane over Time Machine
Main entrance to the Time Machine The entire entrance is covered in tiled album covers The Time Machine station Fins on the back of the blimp shaped Time Machine station
A beautiful flower at the exit of Time Machine The Time Machine The Time Machine The Union Jack entrance of Across the Pond
Across the Pond entrance Round About Monstars of Rock A row of facades with funny looking faces on them
Fantasy Harbour State Park sign Hang Ten painting Hang Ten Freestyle Music Park also welcomes potheads!
The Rock Garden (a logical place for the potheads, no?) Iron Horse Iron Horse A statue with Soak'd and the logo guitar
Good day, sunshine! 60's and 70's doors in the Time Machine preshow 90's and 00's doors in the Time Machine preshow The Time Machine station
Adorable! I wish I could have driven this right out of there! The Time Machine The Time Machine with another low flying plane Round About
Faerie Glen...um, air boats? Random. Round About sign Welcome to Berkeley Square sign I wanted these, but they were too expensive, so I just took a pictrue of them.

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