Wednesday, July 11th

It's my birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a trip to glorious and luxurious Six Flags America! I woke up at 9:00, showered and repacked my backpack. I'd decided to only carry my backpacking backpack on this trip so I could completely unload the car easily every night, and only have to worry about one backpack and my cooler. Worked pretty well for the first night.

On the way to the park, I stopped at a McDonalds near my hotel and had an egg and cheese biscuit and two hash browns for breakfast. Since I arrived before opening, I had a fairly close spot, within view of the front gate. There weren't that many people waiting to get in, and those that were there appeared to mainly be summer camp groups full of preteen and younger kids. After a short wait for security, I made a bee-line towards Superman : Ride of Steel.

Sixs Flags America entrance

Looks a lot like Six Flags New England from here!

There was no wait for Superman yet, so I got a next to back row seat on the next train out. I almost couldn't get the seat belt buckled! It was long enough, but was in a strange position so I couldn't leverage my arms enough to get it buckled. When I asked the ride op to buckle it, he said "I...can't..." then looked around and buckled it anyway haha More incentive for me to lose weight I guess, since had I been much heavier, I wouldn't have been able to lock it.

The ride was alright, but is getting a pretty bad rattle it, and just isn't as smooth as it should be. Too bad since it's a fun ride otherwise!

When I left, I realized that God was shining down on me, and giving me one of the best birthday presents ever...

...BATWING WAS CLOSED!!! Praise be to the Lord! I had dreaded riding that ride ever since I was starting to plan this trip! I hated...HATED and loathed and detested X-Flight and Borg Assimilator to the point that I thought about just bypassing this ride and forgoing the credit because Vekoma Flying Dutchmen are just *that bad*. But I didn't have to worry about it! The evil beast was closed! Oh happy day!

Floating on a cloud of ecstasy, I grabbed a ride on Joker's Jinx.

Joker's if you couldn't tell from the sign!

Hey Joker, you've got something on your chin. Here's a napkin.

What a tangle of green track!

This was a great ride, and just like Flight of Fear, left me pretty disoriented for a good chunk of the ride! I really liked it! We ended up sitting on the brake run for a long time, but I suspect that it was a malfunction and not stacking since the people in the station were all buckled in and just sitting there too. This ride, as well as Superman and Batwing, could definitely use some type of landscaping! All three are just plopped in fields with no theming whatsoever. And no shade around them. Ugh.

Figuring that the park might start getting crowded soon, I went for Two Face : The Flip Side since it's capacity is so low.

Luckily there was only a one cycle wait, so I was on in no time. The girl sitting right across from me was really scared, which was really hilarious to watch! I'd take this style of boomerang over a regular boomerang any time! When I left, I headed next door to Wild One, but it was down at the moment, as was Typhoon Sea Coaster, which was a pretty cool looking log flume.

So is this the "Guys in blue shirts who are too big to fit on the ride" waiting area?

I decided to go ahead and ride Roar since it was in the area, and it turned out to be a fairly good woodie too. Better than the woodies at PKD, but that's not really hard to beat! It wasn't the most insane woodie I've ever ridden, but it was definitely good. I thought about finding the SLC at that point, but wasn't able to find the pathway leading to it!

Ok, who was in charge of the in park advertising? "Take today's memories forever"?? Shouldn't that be "Keep today's memories forever"? or "Take today's memories home"? How do you take a memory forever?

I was getting *really* hot at this point, so I decided to find a snow cone or something that was cold. I passed a shop near Roar that sold fruit slushes, so I got a large strawberry one. It was pretty much just like a Sonic strawberry slush only no fresh fruit in it. It was really yummy! I sat in the shade and enjoyed my drink, then a girl went up on a nearby stage with a microphone. And she started in on this "Anyone wanna say something over the microphone? Come on, anybody? You can sing. You can tell a joke. Hey you, you wanna say something into the microphone?" After a few minutes of it, it got really old, so I got up and went back over near Two Face and sat down. I noticed that the ride wasn't working right then, so I was glad that I got my credit earlier when I could. I also watched this cute Asian couple try to figure out what the barrel foot massagers were. They never figured it out! hahaha

When I was done with my drink, I went back to Wild one, which had reopened. I took a back seat ride, and this ended up being a great woodie! Just about perfectly what a classic woodie should be! It was fairly smooth, had great airtime, and had that classic out and back layout. Definitely my favorite of the woodies on the trip to that point!

Having only two credits left in the park at that point, I decided to try and get the kiddie credit, Great Chase.

Oh doubt, I'm a credit whore.

The queue was full of kids from school groups, which made this by far the longest wait of the day. I got to ride though, since I snuck in at the tail end of one of the school groups. We also got a double ride on it because the train overshot the brakes the first time around, making me get 8 painful laps around the track.

Why do all the tigers on the carousel look so sad? :-( I guess if I spun in circles at SFA every day, I'd be sad too.

At this point, I noticed that the sky was getting dark and was looking like it might rain or storm, so I hightailed it over to Mind Eraser.

It was kinda tough to find because of the irregular shaped plazas at the end of the main street, but I eventually found it. There was no wait, and I rode close to the back of the train. It wasn't a good ride by any means, but as far as SLCs go, it wasn't the worst I've ridden.

As soon as I got off the ride, I managed to get a couple of photos of the train after mine, then the skies started to open up. There was some really close lightning, so I was glad that I had at least gotten my credit in before the storm started. As I headed towards the exit, it started to downpour, so I was really glad that I had parked as close as I did! I managed to shield my camera and phone, but by the time I got to my car, I was basically soaked! It was only 1:30, so I had done the entire park in 3 1/2 hours, which wasn't too bad. I sat in my car and cooled off, and talked to my mom until 2:00, then started off on my drive to Delaware.

Around 4:00, I realized that I hadn't eaten since breakfast, so I stopped at a KFC along the way. I had a breast meal with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese...yum-o! I called Kevin while I was eating but he didn't answer, so I went ahead and left. It was still pouring, and every time I had to leave my car, I ended up re-soaked!

Aside from the pouring rain...

...and a freaky tunnel...

"Don't think about Princess Diana...don't think about Princess Diana..."

...the drive to New Castle, DE was uneventful.

I'd planned on staying in New Castle because it was close to Blue Diamond Park, was reasonably priced, and would let me hit Clementon on my way up to Great Adventure the following morning. My plans ended up changing just a bit but I decided to keep the New Castle hotel since it was so reasonably priced compared to other hotels farther north into New Jersey. I found my way over to Blue Diamond Park, and had kind of a sinking feeling since it had been raining all day, and my sinking feeling was right.

The park was completely closed, and had padlocks on the fences around it. It didn't look like I was missing too much, but still, would have been nice to have those credits.

I was staying that night in the Super 8 New Castle, which was probably within a mile or so of the park. I got checked in easily, and the guy at the front desk was very nice. My room was on the second floor, about halfway down the hall, and was quite an upgrade from the Motel 6! It had two beds, with a fridge, freezer and microwave, a coffee maker, bathroom amenities and yes, even a toilet lid haha

It was about 5:00pm at this point, and there I was, already checked into my hotel with nothing to do. So I gave Kevin a call. We chatted for a bit, then he got online and searched to see what there was to do in New Castle. First he searched RCDB, then, then, none of which turned up anything terribly interesting to do. He eventually located a Harley Davidson shop nearby that had the "Museum of the American Road" inside it which sounded fairly interesting. After talking for quite a while, I let him go, and headed out to find the Harley shop.

On the way out, I asked the clerk at the desk if there was a Walmart nearby, and it turned out that there was one on the same street as the hotel. On my first day, I'd returned to my hotel to find a HUGE blister on my right pinky toe, and it had already torn open by the time I found it. So I wanted to get something that would hopefully make it more comfortable to walk on and prevent it from getting infected. I found some liquid bandage and this little stick of deodorant that said it would stop blisters, so I bought both. I also spotted a cool gray tank top on the way out, so I picked that up too.

The Harley shop was very easy to find, but unfortunately, I didn't end up staying very long. The "museum" was pretty much just a small room with a couple of bikes and some old road signs. I wandered through the rows and rows of bikes, and they all seemed so nice, despite my being an OCC fangirl at heart. I didn't linger very long though for fear that someone would come up to me and try to make me buy one! haha

Once I left, I decided to stop in a Dollar Tree that I'd passed along the way. Can't go wrong with a cheap souvenir or two from Dollar Tree. I ended up with a pizza cutter, some wrist weights, some markers and a few other random things. And I LOVED that there was no sales tax! I also grabbed some dinner at a nearby Burger King and returned back to my hotel.

While I ate, I watched Singing Bee (and knew almost all the lyrics...I'd kick butt at that show!) then America's Got Talent, and finally Last Comic Standing. That's the most network TV I have watched since I got my satellite! I brushed up on some trip notes and looked through my photos before finally showering and going to bed early.

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