On Saturday, October 8th, Kevin and I had a few hours to kill in Nashville, so we decided to go to the Adventure Science Center. I hadn't been in about 15 years, but was interested in seeing their new exhibit BodyQuest. I figured, why show him something historic and bland when we can have goofy and educational!

"Hi, I'm Kevin. And this is the Adventure Science Center!"

As soon as Kevin arrives, he is mercilessly sucked into the lungs to learn about respiration.

Dr. ManHunk explains that this X-ray does not look good, and that the patient may have some serious complications.

Julie and Kevin are *way* too excited to see sheep tapeworms on exhibit.

Kevin says "I found a uvula!" then proptly gets into a fistfight with it.

Kevin ponders the question "What's poop?"

Why Kevin, fancy seeing you here in the intestines!

"I'm poop!"

Poop Happens. The object was to roll a little poop ball around an intestine maze and try to get it to go out the hole at the end.

Here is Kevin sitting on the lap of a man who has no bones.

Julie climbs on the skin climbing wall.

Kevin reluctantly decides that, for once, he is too big to go down the child sized bone tunnel.

But we're not too big to climb to the top of Adventure Tower! We both scaled this huge collection of child sized heart slides, vertebrae ladders and tactile tunnels to reach the top. We were pooped, so to speak.

After descending the Adventure Tower, we stopped for a Dippin' Dots break, and Kevin held all of Nashville in his hands.

We then stop for a moment to play checkers. Kevin decides to consult the invisible man on the stool next to him for some pregame advice.

Kevin the archaeologist with his large bone.

No comment :-)

Dum da da dum...Microbeman!

The exhibit tries to eat Kevin.

Our last stop was the "Grossology" game, where you are asked gross questions and see who gets the most right. My two favorites were "Poo is made most of..."

And "Which foods would make you have smelly toots?"

Our final stop was the gift shop, where Kevin tried to gingerly handle the "pocket volcano."

We had a fantastic time at the Adventure Science Center, and I was sore for a couple of days after climbing all over Adventure Tower! I even learned a little bit, go figure!

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