Our fabulous trip to Disneyland!

At the airport...
Richie with a banana
Me talking on the banana phone
Richie eating Mr. Banana
The boys at LAX
Kevin driving to Disneyland
Me in the Mickey and Friends parking structure
Richie in the Mickey and Friends parking structure
Kevin changing in the parking structure
Kevin with the Disneyland Resort directory

Us in front of Disneyland
Disneyland entry plaque
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Sleeping Beauty Castle reflecting in the water
Me in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
Me and Kevin riding the teacups
Three monkeys in the monkey cage
Richie and Kevin being monkeys
Me and Richie riding Dumbo
Kevin riding Dumbo
Richie knocking on a tiny door
Kevin listening at the Toontown mailbox
Richie dropping a barbell on his foot in Toontown
Kevin in a funky Mickey hand hat
Me and Richie wearing sparkly Mickey ears
Me and Kevin on Mr. Toad
Me riding Mr. Toad
A whiteboard outside of Innoventions
Kevin in a big giant heart
Richie playing a gameshow in Innoventions
Richie and Kevin playing a floor stomping type game
Kevin and Richie in a virtual reality ride type thing

Us with Mickey Mouse at DCA
Me holding up the Paradise Pier sign
Me on Paradise Pier
Paradise Pier
Richie and Kevin eating watermelon
Richie matching his ears up with California Screamin'
Richie in front of Soarin' over California
Richie and Kevin in line for Soarin' over California
Kevin riding California Screamin' (sorta)
Me and Richie riding California Screamin' (sorta)
Me riding the Sun Wheel
Richie on the Sun Wheel
Kevin on King Triton's Carousel
Richie on King Triton's Carousel
Richie on the Orange Stinger
Richie and Kevin on the Golden Zephyr
I'm most like Cinderella
Kevin is most like Tarzan
Richie is most like Mushu
Richie with Esmeralda
Richie with Mulan
Tom and Scott
Us with Kronk
Us with Kuzco
Richie doing a cartwheel
MSEP inside DCA (1)
MSEP inside DCA (2)
Us with our waitress Robin at PCH Grill
Richie with a smiley face on his toe

The Price is Right

Richie waiting for the Price is Right at 5:00am
Kevin waiting for the Price is Right at 5:00am
Richie and Kevin, axiously waiting for the Price is Right
Julie and Richie are excited to have gotten a seat
Julie is ecstatic to have her Price is Right nametag
Julie and Richie with their nametags

Los Angeles

Richie and Kevin in front of the Chinese Theater
Richie withe the male Fu Dog
Kevin with the Shrek characters
Julie and Richie at Hollywood and Vine