Disney World, December 2004

Me and Kevin outside of Boma Kevin and Susan dancing in Mannequins Kenny with Kevin in the background Lori and Susan Kevin and Susan at Beaches N Cream A great way I found to freak out Kevin Tony playing Wheres the Fire Julie playing Wheres the Fire Julie and Kevin strategizing in the Magic Kingdom Our floaty consolation prizes Kevin burning in the kitchen Kevin burning in a chair Kevin burning in a chair Rob the hot pretzel RADPs tallest and smallest Pee pee hands! Shawna and Scott The Steere family at Breafastosaurus The Steere family in front of the Tree of Life Us with Pluto at Breakfastosaurus Me and Rob with Donald at Breakfastosaurus Our self portrait from the Primeval Whirl queue Me and Erik running over Brian Princess Erik with Rob Rob being attacked by a dino Brian peeing into Eriks mouth Erik meditating Brian getting attacked by a dino Erik hugging a dino Erik demonstrates the scenic overlook Brian and Erik act like gorillas Us at the picture spot Erik gets stuck in a recycle bin I run over Erik and Brian with a riksha Rob and Erik very tired at Conservation Staton

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