Mousefest 2003

Jen and Jeff after the Race
Catherine and Rob after the Race
Julie and Kevin with their Golden Ticket
Rob and Brian arrive second
Quasi's Belles arrive fourth
Brian sad that he didn't win
Rob sad that he didn't win
Julie and Kevin celebrating
Everyone in Outer Rim after the Race
Kim and Julie get snuggly with Brian

Jen and Jeff at Artist's Point
Lori at Artist's Point
Everyone in the hallway before dinner
Our table for 10 at Artist's Point
Rob and Brian at Artist's Point
The girls (Amy, Jen, Julie and Kim) at Artist's Point
Everyone after dinner

Brian, Julie and Rob at the Polynesian
Rob with his birthday cupcake
Rob devouring his birthday cupcake

Erik hugging the girl selling glow stuff
Erik touching Brian with his glow wand
Scott distraught over losing his hat
Julie wearing Scott's hat
The three amigos...Brian, Erik and Scott wearing sombreros
Rob, the innocent pirate
Brian, Scott, Erik and Rob in Peter Pan hats
Rob acting like a true thug
Brian acting like a thug with a parrot on his shoulder
Rob and Brian in funny hats
Rob wearing a wench outfit, with a dragon over his shoulder
Erik and Scott with April at Goofy's Barnstormer
Scott in a double wide stroller pushed by Erik
Erik in a double wide stroller pushed by Scott
Julie, Erik and Scott on the Big Comfy Couch at the Boardwalk

Bill driving a monorail
Kenny after his 305th Mission:Space ride
Kim and Rob
Kim and Tony in Epcot
Rob : "I have a towel issue."
Rob getting therapy for his towel issues