Wanting to get in one more day at a park before the end of the season, I decided to head down to SFoG for a few last rides on Goliath. Joe ever so lovingly escorted me to the park, and of course, we had a blast. The park wasn't terribly crowded, with nothing having more than a 15 minute wait.

The day started with two rides on Great American Scream Machine, which still holds the spot as my favorite woodie!

Next, we hit up Monster Plantation. Why is Joe so excited?...

Because humans are allowed today!

Wow...truly creepy, yet I still ride it every time I'm in the park.

Goliath over the...hey, didn't that sign used to be orange and teal??


During our ride on the train, Joe found a broom, and promptly proceeded to wreak a little bit of havoc.

Busted! The not-so-amused ride op quickly confiscated the broom!

Oh yeah...Joe looks *really* exited to be riding the carousel, huh? It only took 10 minutes to load it, so I can't understand why.

I got peed on during the Up Up and Away ride!!

And it wasn't just me! Obviously we picked the only balloon with a bladder control problem!

While we were in the area, we decided to take a ride on the "haunted" Hanson cars. Everything looks cute from here...

Uh oh...having some difficulty over here...

Over here too...

Continued exquisite Halloween theming...

Darn Six Flags budget cuts don't allow for air, it seems.

Thus concludes our lovely haunted Hanson car ride!

Joe says "Yeah, this is my ride! See, it's even got my name on it!"

So after leaving the park, we stopped for dinner at Varsity, a restaurant that came highly recommended by many friends, as well as the Food Network.

The food was only so so, with the burger being the same size as a McDonald's burger, and the fries were really chopped up and greasy :-/

The dining room was cool though, with school desks for tables, and a TV perpetually playing ESPN.

After a while, we got bored again, and headed off to Walmart, where I found some very Julie friendly food.

Where are we? I have no idea! If you know where we are, e-mail me and let me know!
Thanks for reading!

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