On Wednesday, May 31st, I joined Don and Monica for a day at Holiday World so we could all check out Voyage. I really enjoyed Voyage! I guess it is my #2 woodie, though there is still room at the top of my list for something to wow me even more. The first, say, 2/3rds of the ride were great, but by the end, my neck was getting tired from bracing it for so long, so it almost seemed like *too* much coaster for me. But the airtime was awesome (a back seat ride elicited an uncontrollable "Wooooah my God!!!" from both Don and myself!) and I thought it was an extremely solid ride. The back was better than the front though in my opinion, especially for the triple down.

After finishing up at Holiday World, we ended out the day at Beech Bend. Since we only had about an hour, we just did the coasters and the Scat 2 death machine before the park closed. Afterwards, we found a nice dinner at Cracker Barrell, chatted a bit, and I made it home by about a little after 1:00am.

I started the day like any red blooded American would...with a hearty McDonald's breakfast!

D'oh!!! Well, at least we all had the credit already, and we were told that it might open later in the day.

Our first stop, much like everyone else, was the Voyage. It was a great ride, and we didn't have to wait more than about 10 minutes for it.

After a free beverage, we headed over to the Raven. This one's line was a bit longer, and in the non-airconditioned queue house. Wasn't terribly bad though.

Ahh Raven. I thought Raven was quite a bit more impressive on this trip than my last. It had penty of airtme, and while not a long ride, it's a quality ride. I'd rank it just about equal with Legend now.

We were hungry at that point, so we stopped for lunch at Kringles Cafe. I had some great pizza, and CHEESECAKE ON A STICK. Frozen cheesecake, covered in chocolate, and on a stick. I couldn't ask for a more perfect food.

What better ride to ride on a full stomach than Liberty Launch? Don and I decided to go for the single rider line for this one.

Yes, even Holiday World doesn't fail to deliver your daily dose of creepy while in a theme park.

Don...BUSTED being a theme park dork!

Don says, "Oh well, it's out in the open now! Now I can video myself with the flyers without shame!"

I think I have a photo just like this of anyone I've ever ridden flyers with.

At this point, we decded to ride the log flume. While riding, we noticed that Legend was running, so we ran to it to grab a ride.

Hmm...we couldn't decide which wooden name plaque would be more appropriate for Don.

Monica finds her name quite easily.

Thinking of you, Kev!

When we head back to Voyage, no one is there, just the way we like it!

Monica and I sat out a third ride while Don rode. There he is in the second row in the gray shirt!

After another drink, we headed back over to Raven. Here, Don models the lovely empty Raven station.

We paused for a moment (while enjoying another drink) to watch the diving show. This part reminded me of Indiana Beach!

We assumed that everyone must have gone to the waterpark by this point, but when we got back over to Legend, we were still baffled at how empty the coasters were.

Time to say goodbye to Holiday World. We took a moment to take advantage of this photo op before perusing one of the gift shops, then heading out.

I had a couple of crazy freaks following me the whole way to Bowling Green! Lucky for them, I resisted the urge to slam on my brakes.

Who's tha gangsta with all tha kiddie credits?

Don just can't resist getting POV footage of the Dragon Coaster!

What a lovely picture of the Rumbler!

After this was taken, we were surprised that we weren't killed by a roving gang of Dale Earnhardt enthusiasts!

And finally, this is Ross. He has awesome hair.

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