Saturday, July 12th, 2008

On Saturday morning, I got up, got showered, and started to have some breakfast. I didn't have a fork, so with my hair wet, I had to walk to the restaurant in the hotel and get a fork. I ended up standing around for a few minutes, but finally a man appeared, gave me a fork, then tried to talk my ear off about Niagara Falls. When I got back to the room, I microwaved my pasta from the night before, but all the power cut off halfway through! This is hotel number three where I've tripped a breaker! The other two have been because of hair dryers though! The pasta was warm enough so I went ahead and ate it, and the power was reset before I was done.

Once breakfast was down the hatch, we started off for Toronto and Canada's Wonderland. I had visited the park once in 2005 and thought it was ok, but not one of the better parks I had visited. Primarily, I wanted to ride Behemoth, and Kevin wanted to ride the Backlot Stunt Coaster as well. When we were near the park, Kevin left his car at a nearby mall, and we both rode to the park in my car.

Kevin needed to get his season pass processed, so he went to do that while I stood in line to purchase my one day ticket. We were done at about the same time, so we headed off together towards Behemoth.

Here I am, giving this underwhelming park a second chance

PCW has some very lovely parts, but some very mediocre ones as well

Before we got in line, I stopped to buy a mini yard tall glass full of Icee, but they only took cash, and I didn't have any. We ended up waiting for Behemoth for about 45 minutes, which could have been much worse considering that we didn't arrive at park opening. This ride was really really great! It has one of the best first drops I've ever felt on a coaster, and it had tons of great airtime. I think this kind of coaster is exactly what the park least they finally have a "best coaster" in the park!

Kevin heads for his Italian Stunt Coaster credit

After Behemoth, we popped over to Backlot Stunt Coaster so Kevin could take his first ride. I like these coasters, although after riding three of them, they don't have all that much thrill anymore. But still, they are solid rides, and good starter coasters.

But where are all the transvestites??

We were both hungry after our ride, so we looked around for a place for lunch. Neither of us wanted a meal as big as the buffet, so we stopped in Backlot Cafe. Kevin got a huge plate of tortellini, and I got some chicken strips and fries. Neither of us finished, with Kevin leaving almost half of his plate of pasta! I think we could have easily shared it and would have had enough. While we ate, we watched the ever-so-family-friendly World Poker Tour on the restaurant's TVs.

The only credit I didn't have from the park was The Bat. In 2005, my head had been beaten and bashed so badly that I just couldn't make myself take a lashing from the Boomerang. So we joined the line.

The wait ended up being over an hour. I wish I wasn't such a credit whore, but alas, I am, so we waited the hour. Ultimately, the ride was pretty much like every other Boomerang I've ridden...rough, disorienting, but kind of fun.

After the Boomerang, Kevin suggested riding Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion since he had never ridden it. This ride used to have a restriction that you had to have a child with you to ride, but they lifted that restriction recently. When we entered the line, we saw a sign that said "45 minute wait from this point" but there barely seemed to be anyone in front of us! But pretty soon, after standing completely still for more than 10 minutes, we figured that the 45 minute sign was probably right! So Kevin pulled out his cell phone and we passed the time by playing some Hangman. I picked stuff like "Sorry, we have no movie" and "I need to go to the bathroom" while Kevin picked tricky ones like "Fuji Q Highland"! Who chooses Q when playing Hangman? haha By the time we were at the front of the line, it was very nice to be sitting for a moment. The ride was pretty much like the ones at Kings Island, Carowinds and King's Dominion, except that I was having a hard time hitting the targets. You had to be right up on them to hit them, so both of us had horribly low scores.

After the ride, we were both pretty wiped out, and we both wanted a icy beverage to cool us down. While wandering around the Hanna-Barberra land, I found a raspberry Icee, but Kevin wanted a snow cone. So we walked and walked, not finding anything. Finally, I sat down in the shade while he tried to find a snowcone. While I sat there, I really noticed just how crappy I felt. It seemed like more than just being tired and really felt like I was getting sick. The last two mornings, I had woken up with a sore throat, so that wasn't a far fetched idea.

After a LONG time, Kevin arrived back at my bench with a lime snow cone. Turns out that he had waited in line but was told that he couldn't use his debit card to buy it. So he had to hunt for an ATM then stand in line again. It took a while, but he finally got one! I really wanted to ride a few of the other coasters in the park, but I was just beginning to feel too bad. The thought of riding more mediocre coasters just didn't sound good at all to me, so I said that I just as soon leave as stay longer. Kevin said that was fine, so we headed out, stopping in a few gift shops long the way.

By the time I got back to the car, I didn't even feel like driving, but I knew that I had to to make it to Orillia that night. I dropped Kevin off at his car, then followed him all the way to his house. Once there, the first thing I said was that I needed to go to Walmart so I could get some medicine to take so hopefully I wouldn't get any worse. He said that was no problem, and directed me to the nearby Walmart.

As we approached Walmart, I made a joke about how Kevin probably knows everyone in his town, and how he'd probably know everyone we'd see inside Walmart. He was like "Nah, I don't run into people I know that often." But wouldn't you know, just as I was browsing the medicine aisles, he ran into his friend Jen and her fiance. I'm sure I looked like death warmed over by that point, so I didn't do much talking. I ended up getting some "pastilles de zinc" which was the closest thing I could find to Cold-eez, and some Halls cough drops.

It was dinner time, so Kevin suggested that we go to Swiss Chalet for dinner that night and go to the all-you-can-eat sushi place for lunch the next day since it would be cheaper. When we arrived at Swiss Chalet, of course Kevin knew the lady working there haha.

For dinner, I got the food item that I dream about day in and day out...the garlic cheese loaf. Words cannot adequately express how much I love the Swiss Chalet garlic cheese loaf. I do not hesitate in the slightest to say that this garlic cheese loaf is hands down the best food I have ever eaten in my life. I eat garlic bread every chance I get, yet no other garlic bread even approaches this level of awesomeness. The awful - nay, TRAGIC - thing about this meal was that I felt so bad during it! I just felt awful, and really didn't even feel like eating. I ate four of my six pieces of garlic cheese loaf, which is unbelievable considering how much I love this bread. Any other day I would have eaten it all, licked the plate and cried over the loss. I also got a plate of pirogies, but I only ate one of them since they were bland, especially sitting next to the most incredible food in the world.

After dinner, we just went back to his house, where we looked at some of his old photos and surfed the web for a bit. Since I was feeling so crappy, I didn't end up staying up very long.

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