As we continued our tour of Cannonsburg, we found this nifty train caboose and decided that we should have a picture taken. That's Cat in the middle. We were having a great time so far, so we decided to stop by the other museum they have, which is dedicated to the history of Murfreesboro.

The first thing we ran across was...another bucket. Not quite so large this time...

Kim decided that she needed to see if she could fit inside the bucket, which she could do quite easily.

Right next to the bucket, we found this...a meat trough. Once again, Kim felt compelled to lay down in the meat trough, exclaiming "Look, I'm laying in a *meat trough*!!!"

We also found some old vehicles use in Murfreesboro, like this buggy which Kim is modeling for us.

As we left the museum, we spotted a cute little building next door and found that it was a tiny chapel that is actually still used for church services and weddings.

We thought it was closed at first, but the door was open so we went inside. Once inside, we found the key still left inside the lock on the door. Odd. We left it there, hoping that someone else would find it that night. Kim also took the liberty of playing a few notes on the antique organ they had.

When we were done in the chapel, our tour was almost over, so we made a stop at the last spot on the tour. It was an antique fire engine, and we wanted our picture made in front of it. Mickey was having a really good time until...

Squish! Oh no! But don't worry...he was ok.

Well, that was the end of our day. We had completed the project for our class and had had quite a bit of fun in the process. We bid a farewell to Cannonsburg and promised to go back one day when we had more time. It was certainly a trip I will never forget. I often do you get to see the World's Largest Cedar Bucket?

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