The World's Largest Cedar Bucket

Recently, three friends and I decided to make a pilgrimage to Cannonsburg, Tennessee, home of the World's Largest Cedar Bucket, as a project for our Psychology class. Cannonsburg (located in Murfreesboro, TN, which is also home to our college, MTSU) is just about a block off a busy road. As we approached it, we were met by the visitor's center.

We all picked up maps and informational brochures from the visitor's center, then we were on our way to the bucket. It was *supposed* to be the last stop on the 20-some-odd stop tour of Cannonsburg, but we were bucket enthusiasts, so we made a bee-line for it.

And there it was...THE BUCKET! The World's Largest Cedar Bucket! Right before our very eyes!

I was so overwhelmed by it's sheer immensity that I ran up to it and gave it a hug...

...and so did Kim.

Then we all huddled around the base of the bucket and had Cat take our picture. That's Nudie on the left, me in the middle and Kim on the right. It looks like Nudie's asleep, but he's not. I think he was just overcome with emotion at the sight of the bucket.

Well, after we were done gazing in awe at the bucket, we decided to continue with the tour. We saw a few houses and a one room school house before we came to this place.

This was a one-room house with a telephone switchboard in it, which Tourist Mickey thought was pretty cool.

Next, we found a small building with a bunch of Civil War memoribilia and a diorama of a battle near Murfreesboro.

You can see the Confederate Flag in the background (which was actually *taped* to the wall) and a bunch of stuff in the case. There was also a copy of the newspaper that ran the day Lincoln died. Nudie was even smart enough to pinpoint the location his house would be in if someone were to add his house to the battle diorama.

Once we left the museum, we came across this piece of history. These two blocks are the original steps to the Rutherford County Courthouse. Mickey was just enthralled by them.

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