Beech Bend Press Confrence
October 28th, 2005

Next was ERT time, so we headed over to the Wid Mouse. Scott's all "Yay, a new credit!"

Here are Matt and his friends riding "The Purple." Matt looks truly terrified going over those bunny hops, no?

Me and Scott on the Wild Mouse. Yep, that's the best caption I got.

Me and Matt on the Wild Mouse. Once again, best caption I got.

The Discovery Channel crew even took a couple of laps on the mouse.

Then something happened that I've never had happen on a coaster e-stopped!

While e-stopped at the higest point of the ride, Matt thinks "Ahh, I'm hanging all the way over the edge! Get me down!" and Julie thinks "Ahh! Why does my face look so fat in e-stop pictures?!?!"

Leaving the ERT, we passed some more pieces of the Looping Star. Julie says "Look at me, I'm cool, I'm touching coaster track." Then reason gets the best of her and she says "Eww, it's dirty and rusty! Get your hands off of that and go get a tetanus shot!"

Matt takes a breather and has a seat on the Looping Star also.

Lest we forget where we are, I present this photo of a keg holding the nuts and bolts of the Looping Star.

FANTASTIC photo #3!!!

I pray to the Lord above that they are getting a new panel for the Looping Star because you *know* this has sat in the rain at some point this week.

We were some of the last people to leave the event. Scott headed out to SFKK, and the rest of us went to McDonalds! I swear this is the most confusing road sign I have seen in my whole life. 31 West South? What?

Yay! Obligatory "Stuffing your face at McDonald's" photo!

I got the new premium grilled chicken sandwich. It was kinda weird and gross, so I don't recommend it. Stick with burgers and fries.

Julie says "I am *so* adorable when I wear this Chicken Little Crown"

And Matt says "Whatever, I am *way* more adorable than you when *I* wear *my* Chicken Little crown."

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