Beech Bend Press Confrence
October 28th, 2005

Friday, October 28th was the press confrence to announce the name of the name of the new GCI woodie at Beech Bend. I arrived at about 12:00, at which time I met up with my friends Scott, Matt, and two of Matt's friends. We all chatted a bit, wandered around and took some photos, then had a seat for the announcement. The crowd was really small...maybe 50 people or so. The owners of Beech Bend and their son and daughter spoke for a bit, and Jeff Pike from GCI told us about the coaster and took questions. They announced that the name would be the Kentucky Rumbler, and then there were cheerleaders, and confetti and much celebration throughout the land.

After the announcement we went on a construction site tour, which was really cool, and very exciting. We got to ask detailed questions about the ride, and see parts of it up close that we won't be able to see when it opens. After the tour, we hit the refreshement table, then headed over for ERT on the Wild Mouse. I guess I got about 6 or 7 rides with various people in various seating configurations. At that point, Scott headed back to talk to Jeff some more, then was headed off to Kentucky Kingdom. But I, Matt and his friends made a stop at McDonalds before heading back into Tennessee.

On to the photos!

Welcome to Bowling Green. Don't even look for directional signs pointing to the park because we don't have any!

This is part of the view that you see from inside the park.

And here is another view from inside the park.

Scott came armed with a camera, much like I did!

Here is part of the Looping Star. It was for sale, but now they've decided to keep it, and it is just being moved about 100 feet to the right of where it has always been.

Woo! Me sitting in the loop of a roller coaster!

There was a team of junior high cheerleaders there too. This was their mascot..."The Purple." Yes, that's right, "The Purple."

Here is the Beech Bend owner speaking about the future of his park. His daughter said that the parents used their life savings to build the coaster instead of buying a beach house.

It's the Kentucky Rumbler! That sign is klassy with a K.

Love it. This is the nasty redneck man who was setting off the fireworks. I snapped this just as the charge went can even see the black firework still in the air. Best part is the ambulance in the background. Can't Photoshop something this good, I swear!

Next we started the construction tour. Matt has also arrived with a camera...and a video camera at that!

Here is Jeff from GCI standing on the "dead man," or the place where a lot of main supports come together. He said that some people request to get married on these supports, and we all agreed that that would be a very "coaster enthusiast" thing to do!

Here is the view of the first turnaround after the lifthill as seen from the "dead man."

Sweet! Another absolutely fantastic photo!

Here's Scott standing on a footer. Coolest footer stander I saw all day!

Here was a really obnoxious kid who kept kicking and playing with the gravel, and was just generally being very distracting. For Pete's sake, if your kids can't behave, don't bring them to something like this.

Wow, Jeff looks pretty pissed here. "First you sit on the loop of the Looping Star, then you make fun of 'The Purple'...I guess you're going to start standing all over my footers like that other guy now, huh?"

Yes Jeff, that's exactly what I'm going to do! That's Paul Drabek in the background laughing at me.

Being true coaster enthusiasts, of course we hit up the refreshment table next.

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