Part 2...Ave Maria Grotto!

Ok, no coasters in this segment, but we did stop at a famous roadside attraction. The Ave Maria Grotto is this huge collection of miniature cathedrals, basillicas and other important buildings. It's in this sort of winding garden path, and has flowers, fountains, stained glass, and loads and loads of catholic symbolism. Since neither of us are catholic, I'm sure a lot of the importance was lost on us, but we found it very interesting nonetheless!

This was some place I'd wanted to go since I visited the Crystal Shrine Grotto in Memphis (this grotto was a million times nicer, and much less creepy!!) At the end of the tour, we perused the gift shop, but didn't buy anything, then kept on moving.

Just inside my favorite monastery slash summer camp, you will find the Ave Maria Grotto.

Religious symbolism on top of religious symbolism. This was just about the only thing I recognized since I'm not catholic!

Emily enjoyed the grotto also!

Here is one of the hillsides that is covered from top to bottom with these miniature buildings. It really is insane how much work went into this, and just how detailed everything is.

I'm not sure what it has to do with Catholicism, but here's a shot of the mini-Alamo, just cuz I'm random like that.

And another hillside. This section is all different kinds of buildings and churches in Europe.

I'd say we both enjoyed our visit very much! If you're in the Cullman, AL area, it's worth a look!

The theming towards the end of the tour seemed to fizzle out a bit, as can be seen by the placement of this "Lizard Condo."

Almost at the end, we encounted this chipmunk crossing. Here's how it works...chipmunks approach the area, notice the thoughtfully placed chipmunk ramp...

...then proceed to cross the pathway between the two yellow lines, as is demonstrated here.

Emily says, "Um, no. We do *not* need a statue of my brother Joseph!"

Thus concluded our visit to the Ave Maria Grotto. Hey, have you ever seen a black guy monk surfing the internet? Well, now you have!

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