I decided that, in the name of collecting up some stray credits in the southeast, I'd head into Alabama today. The main objective was to get the credits at Alabama Adventures, and hopefully the kiddie one in Huntsville. My cousin Emily went with me to keep me company on my day long excursion.

Stop One...Southern Adventures!

This is a family entertainment center located about three miles from the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. We got a bit turned around on the way in, but eventually found it. We had one of those "Is it closed, as in, for good?" moments when we arrived! The place was deserted...only three people in sight, and those were employees!

I paid my $3, and was led out to the otherwise abandonned rides area. I handed over the job of picture taking to Emily, and boarded. But as soon as the train hit the lift hill, the lap bar popped wide open! Thank heavens it wasn't too wild of a ride, else I may have been headline news at 10:00! Somehow Emily didn't manage to get any pictures of my first ride, so I had to go around again! When I told the guy that the lap bar popped open, his only response was "Well, you should probably sit in the second seat then."

Once I had a few decent pictures, we went back inside and played a couple of games. I got enough tickets to get three rubber bracelets, which made me feel cool since all the hip youngsters are wearing them these days. When we were done, we got back in the car, ate our picnic lunch, then headed towards Birmingham.

Ok, first stop, Southern Adventures FEC. I believe that this coaster fits the Tommy and James standard of luxuriousness.

The inside of the FEC was reasonably nice. I guess that kids could find plenty of things to do here.

Oh, who am I kidding? This place looks completely abandonned!

"Top news tonight at 10:00...a Nashville woman fell to her death today when she was ejected from a children's amusement ride..."

Here I go...up the lift in the second row of seats. I was praying that I was not gonna be ejected like a VHS tape!

Woohoo! I survived!

Thanks for filling up spot #191 in my count, Lil Renegade. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

Next stop! Ave Maria Grotto! ----->